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Suspicious mail?

Hi guys, have anyone noticed getting mail from person, who have not even looked at profile? I am getting mail from a man, and he sent his e-mail address, but I noticed he never even looked at my profile! This seems odd to me. Any OPIONS sigh

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all the time,,,they get it from other scammers,,,,,
Hi nam, thanks for input! So this is a scammer? God I a naive, so that's how they work it. Good I coped on in time heart wings
one has it and they give it to others,,,and those dummies send it along to everyone else,,,,,,youll get used to it,
Ah that's a shame, I feel stupid now, but you know what, it's like the old saying " if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is " thanks again for the info heart wings
Allia, look at the bright side. You stopped it before it got going.yay hug
Gentle jim, yes that's true, at least I know what to expect now. Thanks for your input heart wings
you can do few things
1 delete + block
2 give him random emailgrin grin
Thanks zeurich, I have indeed delete and blocked. It's good to have these blogs to learn what's what on the site, have a nice evening
Obviously a scammer.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing i thought you said suspicious wall rolling on the floor laughing

doh alrighty then, mail well i think you got this applause
Hi Allia wave

Got it most of the time!
Hey, I just got 2 yesterday alone! grin
@ Allia - wave .. Sometimes the clue is in their assumed location.... I just received one from Sydney, Victoria.... laugh rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

You would think that with all the money they make off scamms that they could afford to buy a map.... laugh rolling on the floor laughing

... grin hug wine
gosh .....I haven't had one dumb enough to send me mail in ages

may be blocking Canada and USA and south africa ...has really helped ....laugh rolling on the floor laughing banana
Ian158'll get use to it.
And why does it seem to be the really pretty one.....just when you think your lucks in...ha ha
scammers all of them they never view profiles confused
yeah. i do that a lot. I beleive everyone is a child of God. so let not me judge anyoneprofessor
now give me money
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