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It was 1634...I can tell you that for sure...sure was a time to live in...You know you couldnt ask for more..........Honey i was there...Andhats one up on you............Take me away...get me back to the indians....Where the red man...reigned supreme.....Now its a half forgotten dream.......You know there must be a way..........................I stared out through the wild.....No...I couldnt count them all.....Its a Buffalo stampede a comin......Wasnt no time for a fall....Was a damned closed call.....My horse and i we really had to haul..................Take me away....Take me back to the Indian......Before the onslaught came....and when they came..they came to stay.....They took it all..Took it all away.........And kept it all right to today.... "They made us many promises,but they never kept but one,they promised to take our land,,and they took it".Ten Bears..........................And did you know that the entire state of oklahoma was set aside as indian territory?..It was..but then they decided they wanted that too..hence..."The Great Oklahoma Land Rush"......Okla means "RED"...Homa..."MAN" as you can now see..the name of the state means......"Red Man".........

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Finally a topic I can relate too, White man here Canada, had assimilated, colonized aboriginal, first nations, indian people, introduced them during the fur trade to whiskey in exchange for furs, and introduced them to guns, as well the fall of the buffalo, so sad, a species here in Canada, almost extinct, unbelievable what we as a people did to a culture, their life, their being, and then the 50-60 scoop of their children and residential school....I could go on and on and on.....I am white and I am definitely not proud of what we did and still continue to do with indian, first nations people in Canada.
Shame on us.
Pfui. They lost Oklahoma as a natural consequence of breaking their treaty and aligning their soldiers with the South, joining with the Confederacy and raiding the camps, wagon trains and settlements of settlers who thought they were peaceful. The last Confederate unit to cease fighting the Union, 2 months AFTER General Lee surrendered and ordered the Southern surrender was the Cherokee nation unit in Texas. The only reason that Confederate Unit surrendered was because they were now the focus of attention and Sheridan and Custer had been given command of sufficient troops to deal with them and they was a coming. Bad luck Sheridan was then handed military control of the Western States. Equally bad luck that folks in Washington had long memories and remembered some broken treaties and that there were still slaves on the Reservation (yes, the Cherokee kept slaves, which is why they were pro-South), so since the Treaty creating the Oklahoma Reservation had already been thrown in the trash by the Cherokee, and since there was growing pressure on Congress to honor General Washington's scripts promising 40 acres and a mule, Oklahoma became the Oklahoma Territory and at the blow of a whistle any family still holding an original script document issued by General Washington's Army was privileged to join what history later called the Oklahoma Land Rush and claim their 40 acres now free for the taking thanks to the Cherokee turning their back on their Treaty with the US. Later it became the State of Oklahoma once enough folk moved there.
LoL, like the football team the name of the state is racist and politically incorrect so we should change it. Perhaps La La Land or Freedom Land (oh, no that name was already taken by an old amusement park), or I know, The State of 40 acres and a mule. laugh
ahhhh there r two sides to every story....and it is documented that the usa broke over 20 treaties w the cherokess....and then came the trail of tears and then they even had to pay to b removed...and their lands taken away........excuse me i meant to type over 30 treaties....i remember doing a research project on this .....and it is always history according to WHOM....frustrated
Of course. There is no need for revisionism as there are enough conflicting truths for everyone. :)

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