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Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem…

I may not be a Moslem, but the fact that I am in this country it’s a gesture of respect to honor this much awaited season for our Moslem brothers.

To all my Moslem brothers and sister here in CS…Ramadan Kareem to us.

May this season bring us peace and hope to all mankind.

Happy Sunday Everyone

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Hi MM wave Was about to put up a very same blog. I hope you don't mind me putting it here then...Thanks MM hug

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thank you for greeting Mysty and Mimi....teddybear

F, you kemana saja yaa... sayangteddybear
Smart! I ada di kampung halaman. Besok baru balik ke rumah sendiri. Sekarang ada di rumah kawan. Besok atau lusa kita Skype iya? hug
Hi Mimi...Nope i don't mind...

Hi Smart...most welcome..

Greetings from the land of sand....wooohhh! it's freaking hot at 52deg.
Thanks MM!

Jeezzzz 52'C!!! I think I'd melt....doh
Mimi...ohh yeah, the moment you step out of the building you'll literally feel that fluids in your body is evaporating..woooh!
Mysty hi, I am not Muslim nor live in their country but I have great respect for their devoutness to what they believe. Most of our taxi drivers are Muslim and live the law of Rammadam and spoke and shared many feelings together... For the most they are delightful devout people who also respect my believes.

I wish all who heed to this a happy experience at this time of Rammadam. Blessings to all hug teddybear
Happy Ramadan to all our Muslim friends from all over the world.
teddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear
Happy Sunday and the wishes for worldwide peace to everyone peace teddybear
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Not Bad... Ramadan Kareem
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