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Fourth of July

Pickett's Charge, which ended the 3 day battle of Gettysburg, with total defeat for the Southern States, broke the back of the South and changed America forever.

15,000 Southern men, 11,000 from Virginia attacked in single file marching across an open meadow from a mile away a Northern Union Army position with hundreds of cannon stationed there behind a stone wall, and thousands of Union soldiers waiting on the other side of the hill.

Southern General Lee had a dream the evening before in which the hopeless attack would succeed, so in the morning he ordered it. Southern General Pickett was picked and ordered to command the charge.

In the middle of the field was a wooden picket fence which the attackers had to climb to pass. At that spot the cannon (many per-zeroed in on that fence) feasted. Everything from explosive shells to grapeshot and long chains were fired by the cannon, but the lines of men continued to come forward until soon a pile of corpses at the fence line also had to be climbed as shells fell around them. Amazingly some Southern soldiers actually made it to the stone wall only to suddenly meet the combined fire of the thousands of soldiers who had been laying down behind it while the cannons had their lunch. Very few Southern soldiers made it back to the Southern lines.

After the battle General Lee ordered General Pickett to rally his Division to prepare for a counter attack. General Pickett (who had just ordered many of his best friends be slaughtered) looked up from where he had been sitting alongside a tree and with tears streaming down his face replied, "Sir, I have no Division."

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very good!!!....but the southern cause was lost when lincoln pulled the race card,,,,no european country would support a cause that wanted to keep slaves.....
I have the battle of Gettysburg on DVD and I look at it over and over.peace peace
I have the battle of Gettysburg on DVD and I look at it over and over.peace peace
At Fly, my only complaint with this Utube rendering is that the editor stopped the drum march background music. In truth the individual line's drummers played most of the way, even after the cannon fire began and it all became a futile march to horror. That Southerners view Lee as a military genius all falls apart for me when the second he ordered Pickett's Charge because of a stupid dream. To me, his own men should have simply quietly shot him and made Longstreet (who viewed the attack as a really dumb plan) their commander.

In 15 years of fighting in Vietnam US Causalties were 58,00. By comparison 51,000 American soldiers became casualties in just the 3 days of fighting at Gettysburg alone.
Yes Ken
Not only was the battle plan of Lee was bad Longstreet try to talk Lee out of it many times,
and General Pickett was not the best general at the time to lead that charge.

Ps after the war General Lee
said notting about the war ?

If so why ??
Lee did talk a little at re-unions. I believe he felt he was in enough trouble with the US so decided not to tilt the cart during the bloody re-construction period right after the war.
I have looked only I cant find any thing about Lee after the war ???
Lee paid a price. Although he was neither pardoned nor tried for his act of Treason, he did lose the right to vote and his ancestral home was seized and is now the headquarters of Arlington National Cemetery. The war ended in 1865 and he accepted a position as President of Washington College (later called Washington-Lee college). He supported President Johnson's calls for reconciliation during Reconstruction and believed Southern blacks (i.e., suddenly freed slaves) should be entitled to public schooling, but did not believe they were ready to receive the right to vote. On numerous occasions he expelled students who attacked freed slaves. Lee called for the deportation of African Americans from Virginia. He backed the opposition during the next Presidential election, and his old enemy U. Grant became President but invited him to the White House anyway. Five years after the Confederate surrender Lee suffered a stroke and soon died.
That was a eye opener thanks Ken...peace peace
lees land wasnt seozed in the was used a burial for dead solsiers...and the yankees deliberately buried the dead there as an insult to general robert e lee....despite what people may think...lee sued the united states for the confication of his land...and he won his case
Sure, in 1873 3 years after he was dead.
but he still won...
The children of his marriage to Mary Custis (G Washington's mulatto step child, possibly sired by the 'father' of our country) were the real winners.
Great blog Ken! I am a history buff and did not know of a lot of the details mentioned here. It seems that the American people are still fed the BS, only a different day.frustrated

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