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We live our lives pretty much laid out and set up once you've done everything and thinking nothing can really surprise you anymore. What an understatement that is. Overconfidence derived from savored experiences can bury you alive sometimes for getting ahead of your mind.

Everyday you're in for a new beginning, new adventure, so mind boggling it twists your reason and unbelieving it's happening. And, at such an age you feel your children became your parents and dying to hear their take. Perhaps only to laugh at you and perhaps even thinking we deserve every ounce of our inane and brusque brush of life. You feel like an idiot, yet, choices available for you is either you act like all is fine but deep inside you want to explode. Or, admit you're so helpless and commit yourself to a mental health facility and wait for them to tell you, your brain had been reduced to a grain of sand. Or, perhaps on vacation and your foolish heart is jubilant to the max. Like a kid all alone and do anything with freedom up to the nines.

Reality is out of reach. Now, how would you get back on track?

Would you dare confront your situation? Knowing your mind will finally wake up and pull you out? In the meantime you're sure when that happens, it's goodbye happiness and joy?

Or would you stay for a while and enjoy the ride of your life? Saying: "if loving you is wrong, who wants to be right?

Thanks for all your reads and comments. frustrated confused heart wings dunno scold

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Hi Lindsy! wave

I' confused as you are! doh grin hug
really ....when you are young you should get out and do everything you can do while you are single .....and when there's nothing left

get married ......banana
I take it a step at a time.Shoot for happiness I
Mimi I've to admit I'm having the thrill of my life but boy, must I subject myself to such a ....hmm, never been so helpless and acting like a child, Mimi
V, wow, been there done that but all calculatingly safe and predictable, V.

Marriage is offered but I'm like burning with euphoria and skepticism.

Not easy V.
Very encouraging Capricorn, thanks, I'm just so torn between fear and ecstatic feelings, you know?
Hello SR,

I know this is not going to sound like much of a suggestion....but, I would recommend just reading and/or listening to some of Eckhart Tolle's stuff he has on the internet.

I would also suggest listening to him with a relaxed environment and with an open mind.

Afterall, what could it hurt? Who knows, maybe you will find it interesting?

I wish you the best.

there is no " I " in... we ....or there can only be pipe dreams ...that can never be ...because only what works with the two of you is all that matters ....teddybear
Johnny and to think that I'm the most practical and most sensible in matters pertaining to the heart. This time I'm feeling like being swept by the current of the Amazon and all I can do is either float and live or fight the current and die. Thanks Johnny, I'm familiar with him.
I'm sure I'm going to lost my mind if I'd fight V, the silly heart seems to have gotten the better part of me, you know?
virgosingle are the boss .....and what you say ...are the rules ..wave
yay lindsy hug sometimes I think we all think too much, I think if I die today I die today, if reality is out of reach, ok, I confront any situation I choose too, and create my own happiness and joy, and I have my own ride in life, and that's me, and there is no wrong or right, if there is, there no balance cheers

teddybear bouquet teddybear
I like that. I'd always laid rules in my life V. Not a chance were ever questioned or challenged, at least personally.

I thought I was happy though, until this one.

And that's what my dilemma is. The euphoric and thrill of being so on the edge.
Wow my friend, let's drink to life, then. Yes, it's not wrong or right, it's to find balance, but the clouds of joy and pleasure is such a new adventure for me and let me sayI like it and I don't know how to stop it. So will I go ahead and just be me silly headed and crazy?
yes .....the joys of single life ....with kids in tow ...every day brings new decisions to make ....banana wave
V the road to reckless and irresistible thrill of such a pleasure yet so full of unpredictable twists?
so.....whats for dinner tonight ? .....something special you have been creating for a few hours ...or a quick pizza..hug kiss
I eat a lot of salads and fish V. Maybe scallops or a high tonight.

Don't eat pizza V unless from Italy and Switzerland. US pizza? Nah.

How is your boat?
Meant AHI TUNA V geesh
its good ....the mess is getting quite big now laugh and I wounder if I had some one cute in my life ....where I would put them ? because every one needs their own space to do things or just do nothing .....banana banana
"Or, admit you're so helpless and commit yourself to a mental health facility where they read robrt787's crazy blogs daily and then wait for them to tell you, your brain has been reduced to a grain of sand." lol help laugh

Hi Lindsy, fun and interesting blog. Hey, I say, just go with the flow and enjoy each day! Yeah! dancing hug
V, get a tent and voila, space is not a problem
V, get a tent and voila, space is not a problem
Robert, my dearest fellow Californian, how is life with you?
Hi Lindsy,

Everything is good right now, it's just that today begins a new few days of a heatwave here in California. That means I may be smelling like onions if I stay outside too long. lol laugh

I hope you're enjoying life, love and lots of happiness. hug
I can say if being insane and carefree is fun, I truly am Robert.

Onion smells good, and it's the cows stench on why 5, can't stand.
Highway 5 is what I meant, you know Harris Ranch? Must have at least 10,000 cows there
LOL Lindsy,

yes, I know that smell. I just bought one of them scent cards you hang from the rear view mirror in the car, it is the "Hwy 5 cow smell" odor card. lol laugh groundhog

Thank you for bringing a smile to my day, and perhaps to many other people too. Have a great weekend! tip hat
You, Too Robert.

Take care my friend.
Yup. Time to decide what we wish to be when we grow up. From experience just about anything is better than sitting on your couch holding their pillow. My theme song whenever a relationship goes belly up.

It is not always good to be correct all the time, so enjoy being wrong!!wine
Thanks Ken, I'll listen later
My dear friend Lou, how are you?

Miss you my friend.
Doing well...worked today and off for a few days...what about you?
Not too bad my friend just taking a little break.

The house house how is the it coming along?
The flooring is done and I have painted some areas in my apt. that needed to be done...just have to steam clean the carpets now...but all is good...and you?
Just thinking about the future as my plans have no clear cut directions at the moment. But having said that I'm peachy great my friend.
Hi Lindsy, my friend.
I have been ready this blog and the last one, and also all the comments but I haven´t written any.

I prefer to stay as an "observer" as if I started to write it could be very lengthy, and probably not useful...

All I can say is, enjoy the moment while you can as life is much too short to spend our time in the past and also worry about the future.

There is a quote for you: "Remember to stay in the moment as yesterday´s only today´s memory and tomorrow just today´s dream.
The moment is NOW!"

cheering yay wave heart wings
That sounds great...lind...maybe we should listen to wouldn't be so is gets better with
Try not to be to complex..look to deep into the abyss or you will go mad...chill...enjoy and take life easy..espicially at our age.

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