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My night is without sleep

So I am cooking some chinken in Merlot red wine.form France.
And woolgathering.= <leting the mind go where every it wants to go
I am in the back seat just looking.>

This is some of my woolgathering.

Life is but a walking shaow,

A poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage.
And then is heard no more, it is a tale
told by an idiot full of sound and fury.

Signifuing notting...

Walk good allpeace peace peace

Comments (17)

bowing King Fly!
Can't sleep huh...........

roll eyes You have that lady on your mind huh?
hug Tell momma, all about it!
Ange. I am sleep les that is why I am woolgathering just letting mind go where ever it wants to go.
You should try it some
King Fly;....bowing
Naah! When i go to bed to sleep. I am just sleep!
Good for you Ange.
Only my mind does not stop like that.
bowing King Fly!
Just close your eyes and sleep. And let your mind walk good, around your brain! .....roll eyes
A penny for your thoughtswine yay
bowing King Fly!
And I will give you, $ 2.00...for your thoughts...banana
And I will have you guessinglaugh
Capr. My mind is now light years away from me I am in the back seat I can only look at what is happening......hug

and I miss my books....
As long as it makes you smilegrin wine
Please see this blog as a note from the brid <Charlie Parker>

Go with the flow the note let it take you where evry it wants to

Let the mind go free,, As of now this blog is free to go where ever it wants to go, Woolgathering......

Walk good all....dancing dancing dancing peace peace peace cheers cheers cheers
bowing King Fly! Sorry, i had walked off from my laptop! Are you sleep yet?..wink
He's not asleep, he's got that chicken cookin welllaugh
drinking Wicked Corn;...Ok!...laugh
Yeah, I'm wicked lol and love my giggly friends...laugh
nice jab there...its doing its job.....
I have been doing the exact thing King Fly,,,,,,can't sleep, maybe I will write down my thought later,,,,,,walk well my friend!comfort

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