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Nut free Diet!

One quote expert said life is a circle with many miracles I think it is a single typing mistake the right word should be morons

The camera is sort worst APP what makes people photos way too fatter than they are.

On the internet we can see many people make lot of comments about lot of things but what they did whole day or for the world simply nothing

The guys who whistles when they see a lady they have a picture blind syndrome they see woman as dogs so they simply whistle.

It is not my fault I have double chin, when God given out chin I thought it is gin so I asked for double.

I am on a nut free diet so I stay away from people who drive me nuts.

Have a good Monday every one!
teddybear teddybear teddybear

Comments (19)

wave That is true for me. My photo has me looking fatter.
Zeu, I liked the last onerolling on the floor laughing Good ones tho...
Zeurich and other lovely ladies! wave wave wave

KOM it should be!! grin

But Zeurich, I have triple chin! moping
Hi ladies how are you all today by the way it is Monday for me it likes a man pissing me off ever weeklaugh laugh
It's 2pm Monday for me. I'm back in my hometown with my girlfriends having lots of yummy food! When I'm back here, I need not drive, it's nice to be driven around sometimes.. Can't wait for my kids to be old enough to drive. They need to be 18 before they can do that sigh
heart wings oh you are having fun would you eat that yummy stuff for me too grin please!
Hey! Where were you for last many days. I missed you and the talents of your humor? doh
I was already here Iato you did not see me?laugh laugh then seems you also have a vision problem like me,, to day I don;t see that I do anything my selflaugh
No Dear,
Its not a 'vision problem' exactly but the absent-mindedness. Isn't it? Let it be anything. If you feel like...we can talk.
Hi zeurich, life is indeed a circle with many miracles........ or like " forest gump, life is like a box of chocolates" You never know what you get till you try them
Nice sunny day here in Ireland, just about ready to face the day. Have a great day rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
laugh laugh yeah why not, yesterday I was quiet late came here we went to the city and also Friday was the dancing exam of my daughter yeah it is quiet possible that I was bit awaygrin
reunion Aliah my friend,,, life is ah it is filled with many things my dear, this far I experienced many ha haaa have a good day dear!cheers
Zeurich and all you lovely ladies, oh and gent too, good morning to you all. You've done it again my lady I love,,,,, have a beautiful day!dancing dog dancing dog dancing dog
Okay when you are free.
Morning Zeurich, I wish you a happy, happy Monday... moron free!laugh yay teddybear hug
Hi Zeu,. Never knew they could drive the nuts. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Morning my Z, friend banana banana banana You always bring a smile to our faces with your funnies grin

I have come to realize that my camera just tells blatant lies... but only on ME!!! My grandchildren look perfect on it. ... thinking it doesn`t like me sigh blues

Hope you are all enjoying a very HAPPY Monday cheering cheering cheering
Oh my ladies nice to see you all here,, I am just thinking to quit my job and go white house as a joker any advices on that? laugh

Usha drive nut no sometimes I was driven inside of peanut shell tooyay

Val nice to see you any plans,, I have done my work and heading home. by the way a hunky guy opened the door of my car for me... applause

wallops you see camera does not like us... grin
Welela wish you a good day tooteddybear

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