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there's just one thing that bothers me, d fact that some ppl only come on this site for the blogs. i know its free, which explains why anyone would join but i mean its a dating site i dont think u should be here only for the blogs. buts its all good. you do what u do...

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right cheers
What bothers me is that such a pretty girl can be bothered thisdunno confused rolling on the floor laughing
Hey, "different strokes for different folks".thumbs up
thats certainly true gentlejim. u made me smile on that one...
lukeon it does bother me when i receive a message that states "am only here for the logs'!gosh.lollaugh
*blogs not logs
That's in my profile too, I don't have time for all the scammers here,,,,,but ill chat to any blogger who sends me a message!yay yay
i do agree with you, too many scammers. am not saying its wrong.
It's obvious that people are here for many different things.
don't feel disturbed by it a few people have found love here bloggers I mean. they get to know each other in a more relaxed atmosphere. hug peace teddybear
Devina, Priority for all (errr.. most, I meant) remains to find love. There are several reasons why people start blogging. For me, one is when I get tired of looking at the profiles, blogs give me the much needed rest. Other, when I am talking to someone and am waiting for their response, I look at blogs. Everyone must be having their own reason. I don't think anyone joined CS just for the sake of the blogs, but again that is my thought, people may differ. bouquet
u got a very good point redex. cool
laugh laugh thank you for the laugh nice to see you here!
I am totally disturbed, and I will do what I want grin

I dont see how anybody gets anything out of this???????????? REALLY
out of what ric??confused

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