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Just a story

About a lonely girl who found love on a web site. It was a beautiful love full of hope and projects. They both were so in love and happy with eachother, no matter nothing, not perfect people but real soulmates. Suddenly an accident took away everything and made the dream a nightmare. Now even when she is alone again she is grateful she met such a beautiful man, an angel now.

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Hi MaruQ wave

I know it's a story but it's sad nonetheless...sad flower
Thanks for your comment Mimi. I know but I guess we all have sad stories in our lives.
Yup MaruQ. I guess we all do but I think it's imperative to have a healthy way to channel out those unhappiness and sadness lest we go crazy, no?
Yes Mimi you are right. I think finding the good part of a sad story is a way to say no matter the circumstances we can always get up and have hope.angel
wine welcome to the blogs lady! happiness and sadness balance the life!may be just sayingdunno
Thanks Zew bouquet
Hi Zeurich! applause

Yup, it certainly balances life. If you've never known sadness, you wouldn't appreciate happiness? dunno

Just had my lunch. gonna have my coffee and my dessert now...thinking of you Zeurich! grin

Embedded image from another site
Thanks for your comments. Good night :)
Good morning from England MaruQ wave
Yes, life is full of ups and downs.. Sad sad flower HaPPy applause it all makes a life's tapestry interesting and beautiful.hug

Mimi, I am known at home as the 'Dessert Queen' ... So I will join you in that yummy cake, it would of course be my breakfast... But, who cares?? yay
you mimi,,,,, I want some toolaugh laugh
MaruQ, if this was a true story and such a love was possible, then the word "sad" wouldn't be sufficient to express this kind of tragedy..smitten moping sad flower wave

@mimi, I had a wonderful brunch with cherry pie and watermelon. Still I would like to be at your place now and take a bite..looks nice! smitten popcorn batting
Zeurich! I'll send some thru CS mail ya! grin
Calli! wave You'll be always welcomed at my place applause And I'll promise to get a better cake if you do wink giggle giggle giggle
Wallops! applause I save 2 slices specially for you! grin

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