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Interesting World Cup

This year's World Cup is so interesting. Lotasof suprises and lots of great talents. Great talents such Algeria and Mexico goalkeeper and surprises such as the underdog teams managed to passed the group stage.

Amazing! head banger

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whe will win cheers
Germany or brazil!
Hmmm... scold hahaha.. :))))
whe are the best laugh thumbs up
football is same like life you need know how to play
and Lucky you need follow the rest from the a team

footballcheers cheers cheers cheers
@jarred1 hahahaha :D roll eyes
Been very entertaining so far this world cup,and great to see some of the underdogs do well...And quite a few of the fancied teams have done very poorly also....I think Argentina have what it takes to go on and win....conversing teddybear roll eyes uh oh
I am waiting till the finals then I will tell you who will winlaugh laugh I cannot say Brazil or Germany with living in the Netherlands... and our team seems go well too....laugh fingers crossed....
Hi Nighty! Netherlands is great, but I fear Lionel Messi will make it in the end!
Twazzle yea you're right..especialy yesterday between germany and algeria. It was exciting.
Zeurich hahaha.. which one then??? :p I go for germany
Calleis I guess messi is losing his skill today.. :p

May the best team win! handshake cheers
we have seen some very good futball...and i expect to see even better in the days to come banana wave
Night I am going for the one winning laugh laugh
I have a Euro on Belgium to win, so they'd better beat US tonight!

Woohoo..they just scored! Eventually!!

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