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...........................................................................................................When we were kids..around 10 years old or so..On a Saturday morning we all would all take off for a place we called "Snake Valley" was out in the woods a ways from where we lived...We would catch snakes and fool around all day there every Saturday...Those were the Days,,,,,,Now?..all the trees ..the big boulders we would climb on and play king of the mountain and of course..the snakes..its all gone...theres a Wal Mart there now and a parking lot............................And on top of that...The house i was raised in?..My parents wanted to keep it...but progress got in the way....The entire neighborhood i was raised in was all demolished and plowed over for Route 95 that stretches from Florida to Maine....Yeah.."Those were the Days"............And the little "Candy Store i would go to?..Yeah..its gone...Theres an apartment complex there now.....But back then..."Those were the Days".....(if youre going to come and start about thats life and all that other negativity..feel free to know you wont be here very long)(AND IF I HAVE TO DO TOO MUCH ERASING..ILL JUST TAKE THE WHOLE THING DOWN}
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Yeah could tell many stories of great memories myself, but now is what i have to turn into great memories again down the track.thumbs up yay
Ah Nam, you have taken me on a trip down memory lane. I had such a happy fun carefree childhood. My family and friends and I used to go to a place called Coxley valley... Real pretty place like a bluebell wood with streams we would go paddling in. We didn't have money so would make liquorice water and take jam sandwiches ... We would be gone all day. So innocent and so much FUN!!! Didn't cost anything. Loved those days and treasure those memories.

Thanks for the blog and reminder yay
Hi Nam,

You made me think of a lot of really nice thoughts! Hanging out with my friends at the malt shop playing pinball. Long bike rides with my buddies. Going to the big parks and running thru the woods chasing girls!yay Playing well beyond darkness never having to worry about getting shot or mugged. Walking to the movies at night and then home. Everything was safe and no one was afraid of any bad things happening. I grew up in a city of about 250K. Life was great then!yay yay yay It was certainly a great time in my life!

These last two Sundays, I have gone and listened to live 50's music outdoors! It was awesome...loved it!yay yay cheering applause
Hi nam, good Mornings yay life is awesome when your able to hold onto the good memories, look back and have those feeling where you hold on tight to them, especially being a child....I love the last part you wrote, I had a memory, where my parents told me what to do, and what i could say and when, freedom for speech for children really didn't exist back then, but it does now cheers Have a Gooder nam banana yay banana
Yeah,,,,,,,,,those where the days when people responded,,,,to the blogs they posted...........rolling on the floor laughing

tongue but you,,,,,,,,,,know you love me..........:

rolling on the floor laughing
now wernt they miss butter..but its very hard to respond when one isnt there now is it???due to mr wisecrackers remarks(who by the way i thoroughly enjoyed erasing..Yeh!!!!)and youre wonderful comment..its that time again!!!...(no Comments!)

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