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Woolgathering 007

There is noting either
good or bad
But thinking makes it so...

If you prick us do we not bleed ?
If you tickle us do we not laugh ?
If you poison us do we not die ?
And if you wrong us shall we not
revenge ?

God has given you one face,
and you make yourslef

The Fly walks alone..........
Where to I know not ?
Time for woolgathering.......
peace peace peace

Comments (36)

the fly doesnt walk alone.......he just cant see all around himself what is there
have you forgotten already? are the king and must be protected at all costs........
oh yeah...i only laugh where i am welcome......and now?.....rolling on the floor laughing
Yes Mam
Nam even a KING must at times walk alone

And to gather wool one needs to be alonecheers cheers
ment yes Manfrustrated
even a king is mortal
understand my king....there are some who wont be here to greet his highness if the likes of i are around
What King is this?

Why tell the world?

Experience your faults, to learn this is a lessoned learned.

Your path is yours to walk

The wheel is come full circle

Time for a new start
a new book
a norther road
Going over the hill....cheers cheers
and now my king......i must take my leave.......
Hi King Fly,you make me worry about you now,,,,,,and you know know you are special to me, but walk good my special friend!!!!dancing dog dancing dog dancing dog
There was a time I sailed in to the deep deep sea awawy from land and people

I was alone then

Being free and happy to sail alone.dancing dancing
No need to worry Val

Every thing changes
Life is change....
You sound so sad, are you leaving us?
for she shall follow like thy shadow....where the grass is green and high
No Val, for the present I am here
Yet there are times when one have a need to go deep into one-slef
This we can only do when one is alone.peace
That's good King Fly, I feel the same way at the moment,,,,I need to find that inner peace again, somehow I have lost it on my way,,,,so I will perhaps take a day or two,,,,
No Nam where the Fly goes no one can follow
no grass is there no land
There is only the deep blue sea

Away from people and entanglementspeace
Sounds like you have some thinking to do James my friend,solitude certainly gives opportunity to do said thinking...Keep smiling James,,and in youre own infamous words,,walk good guv,nor..conversing bouquet wine
my king..youre didnt recognize the word.."she"...
Yes Man, Val.

Some times I for get that I am my best friend.peace
if you put up a fence to protect your grass..they will just stick their heads in and get at it anyway.....
And now I need some beauty sleep,its 2:20am already,,,,good night king Fly, mr Nam,,,,,,,walk good!
sleep well miss walking to the store(with the kings permission of course)
Yes Twaz. It will be a long walk.

Nam it matters not to The Fly be he or she and that

Fortune, Omitted. all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries On such a full sea are we now afloat
Val. may your sleep be long and deep without dreams
with the morning sun will smiles on your face.peace peace
Howdy dowdy fly yay life rocks and I love my face, I love me, I don't walk alone, I have Me, thus I am never alone yay applause cheers

Hi Fly sometimes when i have a problem ill go sit on a hill and watch the ocean. And think and stare at the surroundings and think and stare and then after an hour or so i have to go home - and i didnt solve a bloody thing doh grin moping wave
bouquet good one flypeace
I wish you a happy woolgathering and a wonderful Wednesday. Enjoy your day and I hope you have sunshine, I do, and I am walking in the forest today.yay teddybear hug
Thank you Welea feeling much better today. we are having lovely weather here. and my younger dauther came to see my new apartment and fix the Lap Top now I have inter net 24/7 free nice.... peace
Gary thanks for you comment.peace peace
Yes Butterfly needed to let off some hot-air last night...peace
Thanks Zeu. do have a nice day..peace peace
Hi King Fly, thank you for wishing me a good rest last nite. I did sleep well for the first time in a very long time,,,,,I think its because I felt happy last night!dancing dog dancing dog dancing dog
Any time Val you are welcome.handshake

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