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Back to home, A big dicision

After 10 days treatment at a big hospital, Finally, my Dad's heavily pheumonia (both his lungs ) seemed under control. The next step before me was; to take him back to that nursing hospital or take him back home with me? confused According to his current weak body situation (he unable take care of himself), I knew clearly that my duties in the future days... after calculating my abilities of caring and other uncertain affairs would be happened. My wish to fulfill his desire(back home) guided me making this decision at last:take him back living with me.

After a long distance travel, last evening the 120 took us back from Pudong to Puxi and after one night rest, this morning he knew that he was at home and felt happy. applause I could feel that from the way he looked at me and his smiling. The familiar surroundings, my face, my voice, my touch and everything can comfort him I know. I am still his dear daughter though he was away from home for more than a year and a half .

In short, the family affections are more than anything else I don't want him feel alone while walking on the last journey of his life.heart wings

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With Dad last year at nursing hospital.

Busy now , will be back in my free time. Good wishes to you all! teddybear

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PhoenixFH, I think you are a good daughter who brings her father home so he can be there. I am so proud of you, my friend. Here in out country we have old folks home to put the old people in. My dad was in one until he died. It is not usual for us in the west to take care of the elder. This is kind of sad, so I really admire your way of bringing dad home and take care of him. I wish you good luck with your dad. And remember to take care of yourself too.
yay teddybear hug
Hi Phoenix wave glad you have your dad with you and both enjoying the experience.
Family is a wonderful true blessing. Your dad's life will be enriched in your home and yours by having him there. A home full of love.

Have a lovely happy day teddybear teddybear teddybear
Hi phoenix, wave glad to hear your father is well enough to go home with you. It sounds like it will be a hard, but very rewarding time. Best of luck to you both. bouquet
Been at it for years now with my mum who will be 88 in August - broken bones from falls - hip replacements hospitals doctors this that and what most would never think. Any way would never change it you only have them once! To hell what others say follow your heart and capabilities and best wishes to you. thumbs up wave
Just wonderful of you I do not believe anyone should be alone on their last journeysad flower We all need to feel safe and loved and I think you do that for your father hug teddybear
I wish you both peace
It is so good to see you care so much for your dad. In my book family and friends are very imporant in life, so I admire you for what you are doing, well done and I salute you!applause applause
u r a great caring daughter like me ! U r wonderful !!!
Phoenix, you are a sweet daughter to your father! This will help him feel much better soon! heart wings angel cheering conversing kiss hug
Hi Phoenix
Don't worry, the 'old man' will be better soon.
hug wave
He is looking quite good...happy for you both!!wine
Hello to everyone who concerned on my Dad and me.I am very appreciated. This morning when I away for shopping,Just a little time ,he pulled out his stomach tube ! This is astonished me. doh but it's the third time he doing this. Now I only hope he can eat by himself... Otherwise the doctor would be needed...
Hi, Welela;
Thanks a lot for your good will. I will do as you said.

Good luck to you! My friend .teddybear

Well said! I totally agreed.Thanks for your support!teddybear
Hi, KN;
Thank you! Yes, sometimes feel hard, for my Dad is heavy and need me to move his body on bed ... But I will find a way to overcome it.hug

Yes,I will follow my heart and capabilities and I know I can do that ...
Best regards to your mum! hug
Hi, Redex;
Thanks for your kind wishes! Yes, with me my Dad will not feel loneliness, I know what his mean even tough he won't speak.

BTW, I like your handmade carpets so much , wish I could make it one day.

Have a nice day! hug

Hi, Val;
Yes, agree with your thought, and by the side of my Dad, no any relatives, once I heard him signed to me and said this family is going to end. I know what he mean ... But anyway,I am the only one so far who stand behind him to support and feel pleased. hug
Hi, drwanglin;
Glad that you are the same as me. Be kind to elder people is one part of our traditional culture.Isn't it? hug

Hi ,Calleis;
You are so kind! yes, I am his peace of mind. It's amazing he can eat now by mouth.I am relaxed now and happy for his progress ... peace hug
Hi, cat;
Hei... hei...laugh Your words were verified just now. He can eat!! Next step I will buy a backrest bracket on bed to let him sit up.

Good wishes to you and your family! hug wine

Hi, Loulou:
Thanks! Yes, many people said that, he looked younger than his age.but he do getting old more this year,would be treated like a baby,an old baby.laugh

Have a nice day!hug
This time for you will not be easy ,as we age. we can regress somewhat, to difficult behaviour.
My thoughts are with you ,stay strong . I wish you an abundance of love,happiness,laughter and above all the good health to enjoy it all.
Hello , paulisper;
Thanks so much for your kind words and concern! I do know my tough circumstance now ... But I will do my best.

My best wishes to you, too. My friend. teddybear wave

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