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Life is an ocean of limitless possibilities. Big and small. Good and bad. Sometimes we create them but most of the time they are thrown in our laps. They just happen and before we know it, we're drowned and don't even realize how the hell we got there. How did it start or when.

But I believe, when we're too trusting and too laid-back, and love someone (or feel we do), yet the mind thinks otherwise, we let ourselves swept off because we've become so carried away by the same euphoric feeling of passion.

We're submissive and while we're aware of the impending consequences hatching up over your head, you have become weak and your reasons are somewhat hazy.

But you just know there's a fight looming inside of you. It's prominent but the dominance of your heart and emotions is beyond your strength to overcome. If at all, you just want to close your eyes and get carried away because it's too ecstatic as you've never experienced before.

But when all that you've become is strangely bothering your conscience, which surface once in a while. What are you going to do? Would you dare stop? Even if you know this change and chance will never come again?

Note: you've always been a pillar of a good reputation and honor, your principles hadn't a stain nor has it ever been compromised, living this life has made you stepped into the wild.

You feel you lost your old self. You're stepping up to a whole new world. A new horizon that is totally untested. You've become like a child, curious and worse, borderline irresponsible because of the irresistible call of the wild.

What would you do? Swim in it and say: Yes, this is life? Never mind that your kids will laugh at you? But even them are having a blast in your new world.

Still confusion and doubts are constantly lurking behind you. Relentlessly telling you to wake up and stop. What would you do? In fact has anyone been there?

Thanks all for your reads and comments to my silly and immature life.

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oh my goodness,,we should never loose our self respect or that inner peace that we long to have with in us..we all get caught up in situations that some times take a while to realize where we are at in our life..remember,, it is you ,you have to live with
Hi lindsy

long time for me not commenting on your blogs

all I can say, as humans we are, as complicated we get.moping
Wenever first thanks for your visit and read, my first time to see you on my blog. Second, your comment is highly appreciated. Yes indeed, it's only me that will get affected and no one else. But you know you are at an age when life is closing in to the call of the counsel of time , you know? Wild and crazy yet happy and loose?
I was wondering about that myself Manny.

What happened?

I don't knowdunno
Hi Lindsy! wave And to think that not so long ago, we were both deliriously happy over our new relationship but look at us now..... Well, at least you still have the guy doting on you. The same cannot be said of me...sad sigh
Well Manny that is okay. I'm glad you're here with me and you absolutely didn't use your ticket?
Lin good answer but you said something very important in your blog,,,,(still confusion and doubts are constanly lurking behind you. relentlessly telling you to wake up and stop.}you know all my young age I wish I now would have doon things differenthug
wave LJ,,, What is 'Honor'. For me respect and honor goes hand in hand. I repect a good hunter for his skills and kills. But I honor him for the humane way he has persistantly carried it out thru all these years and years to come. A code of honor lays out the standards that must be reached in order for a person to receive respect within a group. Honor goes to the man who not only lives the code of honor, but excels at doing so.
Lindsy bouquet I personally think (ok that's funny, 4 some odd reason rolling on the floor laughing )but when I do, I think as all get older, we self-evaluate who we are, past journeys, and our norm of how we present ourselves, I think its normal, and I always say, ENJOY THE RIDE yay LIVE LIFE WITH NO REGRETS teddybear

I love wild and crazy, yet I can be the most mature, professional, clear minded and smart thinker you ever met, but then I put and the shelf for awhile, LETS LIVE A LITTLE applause and screw up people think, I know who I am cheers
Mimi my friend I am so sorry about that and the fact that you were truly happy. I'm still deliriously happy and that's what bother me most because I am so afraid it would not last.

I'm so wildly in love Mimi.

What Happened?
No, I didn't use my ticket, what a waste of moneyhole
Wenever, yes our youth and inexperienced to the world make us vulnerable and carefree.

But having said that, time is at our side. Now fast forward 30 years and we've become resilient and over careful but for the same token been do predictable and calculating.

Now my situation is not as wild as harming any one, just way too off from the life I've been so accustomed.
u r a cockchaser....banana
Hi Lindsy & Mimi... two beautiful girls... beautiful hearts..hug

"And to think that not so long ago, we were both deliriously happy over our new relationship but look at us now..... Well, at least you still have the guy doting on you. The same cannot be said of me"..

How strange to see you both here at the same time? But, is it really?confused

One is still in a relationship - or just about? - while the other is out of one...
And, come to think of it, I wrote a blog about a week ago asking if long distance relationships really and you both commented positively...?

Well, I am not in one and do not intend to get into such relationship, even though I have had some very positive comments of successful stories.

All I can say that I am not in a position to give you such advice but I know exactely the feeling you are referring to.

Give me a little time and I will comment later when the inspiration comes, ok?

wave teddybear
Luke thanks my friend. You're visit means much to me. On your question, they're both the same. In line with prestigious and ethical as well as moral presentation of life, they're all capped out to the same cut.

I need to add that it's in our conduct inside and outside of our life as reflected within the respect of our fellow human being that we guard the most. At least to me and somehow my new life is at stake on bordering that reputation.

Butterfly my most upbeat friend of mine. I'm most delighted at how completely wholesome you are my friend. I'll get back, driving my friend,
rolling on the floor laughing Good example is how anyone can 'respect' a comment similat to mr G's. Let alone 'honor him for it...rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Oh Lyndsey my friend, you have been writing about me haven't you?
Totally uncanny how all you have written has been my thoughts and feelings.
Totally got caught unawares with my feelings.. A scarey and yet exciting place to be.
My head did in the end win with the help of the person involved...he knew and cared enough to help me understand myself. A real treasure.

Hope your heart finds what it truly are a lovely person. teddybear
laugh laugh Lindsy I was thinking how can I ask you to write about me seems you have magic mind my friend good good...laugh Good one girl I was kidding.. but seems I am lost inside of your blog would you please show me the door out pleaselaugh Nice blog lindsy.
Manny your weird and perhaps you just want to spend money for the commerce of the world to flow.
Hi Lidsy, I can't really give you advice coz I haven't been in a relationship for many years. What I can say though is sometime we as women love too deeply and too intensely and we are always scared of what the future might hold for us. Why not just go with the flow and if something do happen on the way, you would only gain experience.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Yes Luke I'd love to smack him right now and let loose all the debris of dishonorable treatment get to his way.
How immature and misbehaving he is. Grow up my friend G. But this is who you are and there's no protocol required on such vulgarity if not completely malicious with intent to harm .

I will park my frienship with you right now unless you apologize.

Thanks Luke
Butterfly, the calls of the wild that hurts no one is where I'm at. No my reputation is a little shaken yet nowhere will I get to hang loose my honor.

Just being so uncomfortable and more curious towards the outcome.
Zeur u pig! barf
Hi pretty Lindsy,

Why for honor, I would travel all the way from Bakersfield to Chowchilla. lol laugh

I remember an ex-GF was treating me badly, yet I was so infatuated with her.. I let her do what you want, without complaining... one day, I got so upset I decided to just say "That's it. I'm NOT taking it anymore! I'm leaving. This time I mean it!"

She answered apologetic, "NOO! Please dont go! Please, DONT GO!"

I looked back at her with watery eyes and asked, "Really? You really mean that?"

She smiled and replied, "Yes! DONT GO! Dont go holding yourself back. Ha ha ha! Here, I'll even open the door and help push you out! Ha ha ha!" lol

Sheesh! Oh well, when we first met, she continually called me "Friend." Then she followed up by always saying, "You're my FILF." Hmmm, I wonder, is that like MILF, but with Friend as the first word?

Anyways, I've went too long with this comment already. SO, I'll shut my face for now. lol

Have a great day.. interesting blog. Thank you for sharing it with all of us at CS. hug grin
Minerva my beautiful and very easy going friend of mine, more like a very supportive of anything positive. You're one of those that I admire most on this world. Please do dig deeper into your reservoir of positive energy my friend. I need it like in capital words.

Get back will you?
Hi Phyllis,

I think you are getting things figured out for yourself.thumbs up You certainly are getting plenty of advice on the subject. That is why it is good to have friends!yay

Guadal needs to grow up! He seems to do this sort of thing on lots of people's blog. Shisssh!thumbs down

u must be a great man just walking away. handshake

The first thing that came into my mind is the following story - which you may know already? - but, nevertheless, it has a moral...

“There is a legend about a bird which sings only once in its life, more beautifully than any other creature on the face of the earth. From the moment it leaves its nest, it searches for a thorn tree, and does not rest until it has found one.
Then, singing among the savage branches, it impales its breast on the longest, sharpest thorn.
But, as it is dying, it rises above its own agony to out carol the Lark and the Nightingale. One superlative song, existence the price.
The Thorn bird pays its life for that one song, and the whole world stills to listen, and God in his heaven smiles, for the best is only bought at the cost of great pain…. Or, so the legend says.

Driven to the thorn, we have no knowledge of the dying to come, but when we press the thorn to our breast, we know, we understand.... and still, we do it."

“Each of us has something within us which won't be denied, even if it makes us scream aloud to die. We are what we are, that's all.

Like the old Celtic legend of the bird with the thorn in its breast, singing its heart out and dying. Because it has to, its self-knowledge can't affect or change the outcome, can it?
Everyone singing his own little song, convinced it is the most wonderful song the world has ever heard.

Don't you see? We create our own thorns, and never stop to count the cost. All we can do is suffer the pain, and tell ourselves it was well worth it.”
Wallops my dear friend, sometimes life is full of so many unexpected turns and throw us off our guards and we jump because that is what we waited all those years.

Be spontaneous and be on the edge. Kind of like there is no need to be so on the up and up anymore after all life should be experienced to the limitless boundaries you know?

But once in a while the "astute" you, the incredibly morally you, at least to yourself come knocking and saying, what on earth are you doing? Yet if you look around you were truly the one that didn't get it in the first place and who knows, I am in my "epiphany" mood perhaps?

So Wallops my friend let us celebrate and drink tequila, how about that then the world will bend to us, instead of us bending to the high morals of the judgemental?

Z actually, I have no problem entangled in a corner without easy way out. I CAN DROP IT like a hot potato anytime I want. Choices are not the question, though, nor finding the door to escape. It is within my heart that wont ever let go. Unlike Mr. Gs comment as such, I believe all considered, part of it is the passion and the inner peace of having to love someone with an intensity it can melt the whole world.

Having said that neither a shade of cruel and pathetic feeling is a part of it. Just pure innocence based on the roads I was so accustomed into treading..

This is wild and crazy and I am./.
Val, when love do come, it comes. Just like when it rains there is nothing anyone can do. It happens. Well I am in love and neither have I asked nor have I seeked. The spirit went bam and caught whom that perhaps I have been wanting.

But the package is nowhere near I have even seen nor encountered before. Much to my surprise I am rather very excited and euphoric..

Ah well Val.. let me know...
Robert, thanks so much, your participation on my blog means a lot to me. After all you are the expert in the creation of such a suspense because of our given experiences on love that turns the world..right?

Thanks Robert..
Jim my dear great friend. Thanks and your visit and encouragement do come in handy if only to cast myself more aware of such a nonsense yet a true account of being played and used by love. Our very own life thus give us all these to excite and make us feel alive. Who is not in love? And who doesn't enjoy the thrill of being wild once in a while?

Let me know..
I did not experience what you experience Lindsy but I am not a person swim it in and say yes that is life... but if I doubt I never go for it. I had enough crap with doing things with doubting mind. But If I know for sure the change and the chance wont come again I would take the risk and go for it. with out taking a risk we don;t know either... Lindsy you will be fine honestly believe me. comfort hug
There you are... I agree with Zeurich, only I HAVE HAD such experience and, like the thorn bird, it was worth all the pain in the world - at the time!

For me it happened to be a "karmic" relationship and it wasn´t until I found out and understood, that I could accept, forgive... and move on...
I am only the wiser for it now.cheering teddybear
My dearest darling friend, indeed I have read this and so is KAHLIL GIBRAN'S legendary account of love. Which is pain and pleasure together and OSHO on his take for love, and they are indeed well acclaimed on the principle that you, the giver and the taker, only concerns what is it to you to define the price of what you want to do.

I am so slapped by my own questioning mind only to be brutally pinned against the pleasure of my heart.

I am, my dear, singing my own pain, if only to feel the depth of how much pleasure and passion I am entitled on this life. No one other than me will succumb to its price however costly it will confront me..I am ready.

Thank you dear friend of mine.
My dear friend Phyllis, if we have never experienced a deep love for someone; we haven't lived! Love is one of the strongest emotions there is! Without it, life seems lifeless and worthless! The more love you have towards someone, the more you want to express it!hug hug hug yay yay yay
Jim, can I hear that again? All my life Jim had been a canvas of so much responsibility and direction. Pretty much like our dear friend Minerva laid out on her current blog. Goal driven life. It sucked all the love I could have given to someone. Not that I knew the difference then. My ex loved me to the nines, I just didn't feel this excitement and euphoric feelings I have lately.

Now it is drawing pretty much the norm as to how much love can a person get and deserve. I feel more undeserving than a giver to a recipient of my very own emotions Jim.

But all I have to do I believe, is jump like almost everyone has shared me and let tomorrow worry for itself kind of thinking?

Thanks my dearest Jim/.

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