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hello everyone

wow,, I have been off blogs for a while and see some of my old friends and a lot of new bloggers. it is nice to meet you even though we have not blogged together yet but look forward to meeting all of you...we are a family here and hope we all have a great life and time here on all my friends hello

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Hi wenever wave

I'm Mimi. Nice to meet you! handshake

I myself disappeared for 4 month, now I'm

hi MIMI, and it is nice to meet you also,,hope to have many blogs with you,,

Bungallow, it is good to be back and still see you here
Welcome back wenever.
Wenever,wave Good to see you friend. I hope all is well with you? I am fine, and I still walk in my forest. laugh yay teddybear hug
thank you Lindsey,, I have are ready enjoyed our time on blogs today,, hope to have many more
hello Welela,, I have missed you more than you know,, we have always have had many mornings of good inspiration for the day... GOD bless you and I thank you for being my friend
Hi wenever, nice to meet you. I see you from florida, just wondering if you friends with a friend of mine. She mentioned her new friend used to blog here on Cs.yay yay
roll eyes Wenever: You view my profile everyday. So! We be in touch daily. laughjk!. ... Here you go!. . . . kiss
wave hi there I am zeurich nice to see ya!handshake
Hi Wenever wave welcome back to the blogs. I've been on a few short months. yay
hi Val,,please send me a e mail and let me know who this friend is and I am glad to meet you
hi Angel,, I am still on the porch and looking,,getting tired but I am going to stay here to you come lolmoping
hello Zeurick,, it is nice to meet you and hope to have much time here with you have a blessed day
hi Wallops thank you for your response,, hope to have great times here on blogs,, have a nice day
Hello babe... Welcome back teddybear
Wenever: I miss you too!. . .rolling on the floor laughing jk.
thank you Smart, I always enjoyed blogging with you,,i always admired you for your straight forward comments on the blogs.. hope to have many more times here with you...
Welcome back yes I think we all have a break now and again but yours has been a long one. Hope all goes good for you.wave teddybear
Angel,, you know I will always love you,you put that spell on me a year ago lol
hello Redex,, yes it has been a while and I looked in on blogs every now and then,, but for some reason just did not want to blog... but hope to stay back on, I really did miss friends such as you
Hi Wen. Welcome back.handshake I was new on here when you left. Good to see you!
hi Gentlejim,, the last time I was on blogs with you I was in a relationship with a woman from out of country... you gave me good advice and I thank you for that.. you might not remember it but e mail me if you would like and I will give you the details
Wen, will do.
laugh Wener: Welcome To The Blogs. . . . rolling on the floor laughing
love you Angelteddybear heart beating heart wings
Love you, Wenever! teddybear heart wings heart wings
Hi Whenever! Nice to see you back! wave
Hey Angel! cheering heart wings wave
@ calleis

thank you and stay in touch with me here
Hi Wen
Simply great to see you back with us.thumbs up
cheers wave
I surely will, Wenever! Whenever my time allows it..smitten laugh

Hi, Cat! wave
hello catfoot, my dear friend.hope the world is treating you right,,and if real good send some my waycheers
Hi wen,
happy to see you back! Hope all is well!wave
Bajanshay,, thank you for your comment good to be back , hope to have many blogs with you so stay in touch
Wenever met before, but nice to meet you!handshake
bouquet just to say thanx!!!!dancing dog
@ Usha,,thank you and it is nice to meet you also,,sorry for the delay in answering you,,have a blessed lfe
@ Val,,,enjoyed also silly woman dancing
Me too silly man!yay yay
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