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Piss on his batteries

To who ever that has been calling my dear friend lady Val the foul name scammer...

I say to you Begone, or I will call you out in single combat

where upon the Fly will piss on your batters

Be gone with your malcontempt...::devil: devil devil

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Keep Calm Your Majesty Fly..... bowing bowing bowing

Let me pour you some icy cold beer.... drink pouring drink pouring drink pouring
all the kings horses and all the kings men ..will not put you back together again..(when theyre done with you!!)
I think Val53 will appreciate your concern. But not much to so except support her from out soul. Have a wonderful weekend James.
yay teddybear hug
Hello guv,nor....laugh piss on his batteries laugh amazing blog title James,,,and said lady val being a runnings my friend..teddybear
Yes Mimi I will have some wine and cool down.cheers
The same to you Welea enjoy your week end..bouquet bouquet bouquet
Yes Nam I know...peace peace peace
Thanks Twazz and the same to you cool runnings,,cheers
It seems like Val picked the wrong name without knowing. Wonder if she can change it. wave
Hello EK glad to see you, yes I hope Val can change the name ??cheers cheers cheers
I am still around....only lots of things happening at the same time over here. Will send you some mail later. cheers
I think the only way to change your name,is to delete your Account,then make a new Account with a new E-Mail Address as well!
Maybe if she sends a special request to the moderators explaining her problem they will change it for her. dunno
Had a good giggle with your blog...piss on his of you to defend
Lou you are welcomecheers
val isnt going to change her name..why should she??its her birth name......keep your name val..
You maybe right Nam

and better still is to find this person with their malcontempt.
your highness...the person with malcotempt i think had a name that was close to the same as hers before val came to the your highness...theres no one to behead here....they are not within your kingdom....may i suggest another party from the king to his people??
Yes Nam its time for a glass of wine any way...cheers cheers
so your highness..shall i order the executioners to retreat till another day?
Yes Nam we will do that...peace peace
Hey Fly, how sweet and heroic of you to act like this for a friend! smitten wave
Calleis I am only her champion and knight for one day.cheers cheers

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