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horrible person

I will not name this person but he sent me a funny message regarding my work and I messaged him back after reading his profile. Then there was a few other messages back and forth and all of a sudden he got very nasty and insulting. Why are people on here if they are not going to be nice. A very horrible man.

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This behavior is unfortunately very common here.

As soon as something sounds odd, I would advice just to block and don't let it bother you. You need a thick skin for internet dating.
he was setting you up ...some people feed off of doing that...there are millions of different people out there and we dont know what theyre up to...there fore its impossible to tell you why they do these things.....i can assure you there will be more to come so you just have to accept it and delete them....
wine wine Yeah that is my advice KNwine she gave the best advice. Simply block and delete. some people are hard to understand wine Have good day!
I believe I know this person...talked to him.
Don't worry ,I think that he has bipolar disorder...exaggerated mood swings...high and low...don't be upset , let it go ,block him
as after some time he will come again...comfort hug love
There are alot of unhappy people here

and to make them-slefes feel good noting wilbe better than to

up set anorther person....

Seems to me like this person is very unhappy with them-slef and the world...

Just walk away from them...comfort comfort
from what you have said ......that person is a scammer from Ghana ...real people are not interested in how much money you have or what job ....

only love and being loved is what real people want ..banana
No,Virgo,he is Irish,and I am afraid that he is a real person,
that's why Berniv is upset.crying comfort
then why ask her what her job was ? and how much money she has ...
unless the guy is looking for some one to get free money from ....
Good you didn't name the clown publicly. Some have made that mistake in the past, and found their accounts deleted or suspended. For whatever reason that is prohibited.

Yes, we have about a dozen psycho creeps here on CS. Over the years I have known some female folks who do/did communicate with me either here or elsewhere about their communications from specific individuals. I have read the insulting emails they send women living a country away offering money for sex. I know of one who traveled to meet someone in his town and when she refused money was sexually assaulted. I have seen recordings of video chats (aka skype) where in mid conversation certain males here suddenly unzip their pants and play with themselves (ewww, gross). Some have revealed they are married (profile says single), then propose an adulterous affair and curse the woman out when she expresses no interest. When some of the women express no interest the psychos begin filling their emails with hate mail. I have seen some of them (gotta love mozilla and the add ons that allow you to save a web page as a PDF file so you can share it with someone). The policies below post blog comment prohibit me naming the individuals, but be warned they are here. They lurk in blogs and forums too. From time to time we see little flame wars erupt in the blogs. Rest assured there is probably back channel communication you don't see going on. I am sad to notice that some who should have been banned forever in my opinion because I HAVE seen the skypes and read the emails their victims shared were apparently only suspended and are back. Or CS didn't notice a very minor change in their screen name. Whatever. I am still waiting to hear the outcome of one case that actually headed to court involving hate filled emails. I know who I hope it was that won the case, but alas the victim's account here was deleted because she posted some of it and named the sender.

Of interest, I have also been alerted 3rd hand to some specific female accounts whose owners may also not be taking all the medications a doctor should be prescribing. Initiate private contact with them at your peril. Some, their very postings should be sufficient for a user to recognize something ain't right with that individual, attractive photo or not.
He sent a nice funny message ,she read his profile ...I guess she liked it ...and than they start see...He was good and than suddenly got nasty...If it is the same person ...he promised to slit my my throat when I stopped replying...devil
secretbox, anyone mailing that kind of threat should be reported immediately to the police as well as the mods.
Hi berniv, I think I may have encountered this character myself, but as I work in a voluntary capacity with people with mental health issues, I recognised the tell tale signs immediately. Remember the man is sick, and he needs help. My advise would be like all the others, block and delete and don't take it personally heart wings
Hi Berniv, are you speaking about one weird guy? So, you are very new on the assembly line..rolling on the floor laughing
I know...I did report him...but he is still here...blocked him... but he is regularly visiting my profile...
doh devil
Just wondering bern is he from the capital? Maybe not the same guy, which goes to show there may be loads of unbalanced people here rolling on the floor laughing
Thank you all. He is blocked and deleted, and forgotten about. banana banana
yay............cheering cheering cheering
As soon as I notice someone either didn't read my profile...has a different interest in a relationship than what I'm seeking....#1....that means they aren't paying attention to what I'm saying. That tells me, they believe what I say has no delete them and don't reply. And now about those that you've never spoken to...but they want you to friend them too....doh and I block them.....
Yeah, don't know what it is about some cultures with that friend thing. I got a bunch of friend requests most of them from 2 specific countries. Zero communication with any of those wannabes. Of course I just ignore the requests.
The biggest mistake one can make is thinking people here will be' as nice or as good as you yourself are on the internet.
There should always be' caution and distance until trust is established. I befriend people i like and admire for how they perform on the blogs. After they have shown they are honorable people to me and others. If they have no interest in same then i would respect their choice.
Life outside is like that too. We do naturally excersise caution when we meet people. Its just when we see people face to face we can make an easier assesment of them and can reject easier.
Dear lady you are not alone , as Ken says , try to never be affected by these things and just flick off as quickly as you can . You cannot help other people with the problems they have with themselves.
and that id say...should just about wrap things up......
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