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I have been away for a while, (my choice).
I have been reading the blogs and have been hoping to be inspired to write something.
It seems we have had many different blogs on many different subjects, some from those that have been around awhile, others from new members, and that is always good to see.
So why have I called this blog “Pandora’s Box”, Simply, because I am going to put forward a hypothetical scenario where you, the readers, may make a decision. This blog is hopefully to encourage all to think about the consequences of any and all decisions we make.
I must also point out, "THAT IT IS NOT MEANT TO JUDGE IN ANYWAY, ANYONE'S RESPONSE" It would be good to see how we all think i guess.
And here it is.
Inside a box that has been delivered to you is a guarantee of a lifetime free of worry, full of happiness, enough health and wealth for you to live as long as you wish, not just for you, but for each member of your family. All you have to do is open it.
Along with the box, came a note, and the note reads,
There life will be full of misery and illness, hunger, they will be poor, they will never again experience any sort of happiness, and they will live shorten lives.
Now here’s the question,
No matter what your answer, I’d like to know your reasoning for your choice.
I’d also like you treat the dilemma, as if it could be a real one.
Any member is free to respond. Will there be any takers???? confused dunno frustrated doh
yes it is something very different from me.
i shall pop back from time to time to respond and to say hi and thanks.
Hope everyone is well.

Comments (46)

I would open the box.... because...

I am a miserable SOB!! yay
The objective part of me will say....millions of people all over the world are anyway suffering so what will one more family matter. I love my family and want them to have a good life so why should I care about some unknown family suffering.
The subjective part of me will say....people are suffering anyway but you are not the direct cause of that. Will you be able to live with the knowledge that you are the direct cause of a whole family living in misery?
I have to think a bit....yes I shall open the box as my whole family will benefit. Having to live with the knowledge of the price attached to their happiness is a price I am willing to pay.
Simmo wave

My answer is a definite No, reason being I feel there is enough misery, illness, hunger and poverty in the world without my adding to it blues

My family and I are lucky to live in a country that provides us with everything we need and we are well aware that millions on this planet are not so fortunate.

We are not wealthy in a financial sense but we do have good health, education, food, shelter, peace and dignity - all human beings deserve these things wine
Hi Simmo. How have you been?

There is a film called "The Box", did you base it on that?
It´s about a box which bestows its owner 1 million dollars with the press of a button but, at the same time, it will cause the death of another human being somewhere in the world.

My answer?...There are two options here - or maybe more?

If someone really believes that they will get all what is promised there, then they should also believe the other message about someone else suffering the exact opposite..dunno
In which case, only greed will make them open the box...

Now, if someone thinks it is all bullshit, then they should be able to open it without thinking of consequences..?dunno

I, personally, wouldn´t believe, and nor would I open it. I would probably get rid of the box.wave

We all have choices in life and, at a certain point, we have to made decisions, which are not easy.
However, as we get older and wiser and also more aware, we can make "better" choices which might not be for our own personal gain, but for highest good of all concerned. That´s my opinion, anyway.
I cannot help careless but I cannot help myself!!
I shall not open this box.
Why - because I believe, that you can not be happy at the expense of others.
No never! I would never be able to live with the guilt that because of me someone is suffering
I think a person with a conscience will never open it,unless you are a miserable person as metioned above
I can not recall any-thing good coming out of a Pandora.s Box

I would walk away from this Box..peace peace
Easier for me to answer than some as I don't have family to consider, I wouldn't wish all that misery onto someone else so wouldn't open the box, beside if I did I'd have nothing to moan about so it would take away one of my great pleasures in life laugh rolling on the floor laughing laugh beer
Hi Simmo, first of all I like your new pic. hug I don't buy this. One's happiness is never everyone elses' happiness. If my lifetime is to end the day I open the box, will the rest of my family be happy. It says life time, but not eternity. confused
Been a while since you have been around.
I like the short sharp response.
thumbs up
You have done exactly what i have hoped.
Given the matter some thought.
I dont believe any answer would be easy to arrive at.thumbs up
yes Australia is known as the "LUCKY COUNTRY" Although some may disagreethumbs up
I have been well. Thank you.
I see that you may have developed a new friendship on one of cats blog recently.grin
Yes This blog was inspired by the movie "The Box". I actually watched last night.
I dont think that anyone could be wrong with any decision they
Ah my dear loulou.
You are certainly not a careless person, and why wouldnt you want only health and happiness for all your family members.
good to see
Thank you for your comment.
I can understand both sides of the dilemma, and do not begrudge anyone their choices.handshake
I understand completely, and it is a fine choice you make.
Thank you for your
I think before you walk away, you would have given it great thought,
I think you are the sort of person who would weigh up all the pros and cons first.
thumbs up
G'day mate,
For someone who is a recluse such as yourself, perched high on the mountain tops of spain, I see no reason why you would indeed wish to open the box,
I believe you would pass it on to one of the town folks and let them decide.dunno
It is hard to give a man health and happiness when he already has all that he wants,
At least i hope you have all that you want.
You are correct,
I say Lifetime because some may consider eternity to be the afterlife.
But i did say that the lifetime would be as long as you wished to be alive.
I understand that something like this may never happen in real life, (in fact it would be impossible for it to happen) but i ask just to see what sort of responses i would receive,
I hope all is going well for you and your daughters.
No I won't open it, I won't be able to live with myself if I know I caused harm or grief or misery to anyone else!
Hi again Simmo. I knew you got inspired from the film.

Having now read all the comments I can say that I agree with the ones who say NO, they wouldn´t open it.

Although I have family - some of which could do with a bit of extra cash etc. , and myself too! - but I wouldn´t be able to enjoy it as my conscience wouldn´t let me.scold

I could never live with the guiltknowing that some people, somewhere in the world, are suffering because of my own selfish

Anyway, like ZM, I have all what I need here in Spain - apart from a man laugh - but this doesn´t stop me from being happy-wave

P.S. What did you mean about "having made a friend on Cat´s blog??? Do you happen to know something I don´t ?dunno
if will open it cheers
Simmo,, I don't need to think about it too much as the very guarantee of:Inside a box that has been delivered to you is a guarantee of a lifetime free of worry, full of happiness, enough health and wealth for you to live as long as you wish, not just for you, but for each member of your family.
This gift I cannot even imagine living without. Its those small things that bond a family into a tight knit ball. Fortunately I have had most of this in my life so my answer is a definite NO.cheers
Hi Simmo
Been busy on my adventures for a year or so, had some wonderful moments but now it's time to go fishing again!!
Living WITH...

And I personally think its those challenges in life that moulds good or bad character in one..
Thats a very gracious thought,
But i do wonder if we were ever faced with such a choice in real life, would we really not open the box?dunno
I do appreciate your
such wise thoughts, and i must agree i am syrprised at the seriousness of your answer.
Almost as surprised as the seriousness of me writing such a blog.
I am not sure which blog it was my dear,
I thought it was about "what does our profiles say about us"
In your words if i remember correctly, it was you that made the suggestion that you and (sorry cant remember who the guy was/is) seem to have much in common and who knows what may happen.
if i had read too much into that, I do
And by fishing, i am assuming you mean fishing here at CS.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
There does appear to many that would take the "bait" "hook line and sinker".
Good to see you back
I'm surprised you havent posted a pic of "Pandora's Box"

Embedded image from another site
Embedded image from another site
Thank you Simmo, we are all fine. I don't think that happiness can come in a box, it is a state of mind, a journey, not a destination. What if I am happy today with, differ tomorrow. What if, what I see as happiness is not what's Pandora's box hold. So Happiness is mine to seek Simmo, not to be gifted to me. You made me think and thank you for that. hug
And having you think is what this blog is really all about.
If some have given this blog only a moments thought then good, whether they comment or not matters not.
I am glad all is well with you and your beautiful daughters.
By the way,m i think someone sent you a flower.
I could be wrong, and i dont think it was in a box.
hi Simmo,wave

if i know the antidote myself, i m going to drink ten diff portions of poison.rolling on the floor laughing but i do not know the logic that is based on the movie u ve watched. what happened in the movie i did not know. at least i can guess from the response that opening the box does not seem happy choice.

in another way, i m not in the movie nor have i any box in front. what u r questioning is just the word, no reality. whether i opened it or not, they are only verbal response,either. no reality. no fear.

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

note: plz don't take my word very seriously.cheers
Whilst i do agree that such a box could never be "real", i did also point out that it was a hypothetical question, ( a what if it was real type of question).
I did so mainly to see how many would respond, how many would give it some thought and what answers i would get.
I understand that it is a hard question given that it could never really happen.cheers
I'm glad that I will never receive such a box but we have to make those sort of decisions every day. Whatever we do affect the lives of others in some way and what we gain is usually another persons loss. And mostly we opt to better our own lives.

It would be rather folly - I think - to decline a lucrative job because it will take the bread out of another family's mouth. After all, our first priority is towards our own family.
cheers wave
If it can never happen, then I can have no guilt that I already opened it.

Of course such a guilt is similar to that possessed by the faster of the two guys being chased by a lion. He does not need to run faster than the lion. He just needs to be a little faster than his friend. That night calming down in the tavern, should he feel guilty?
I suspect quite a few here have had responsibility for the livelihoods of others through their work etc, the biggest thing I've learnt from this blog is never to accept a job from Sola doh rolling on the floor laughing laugh
I entirely agree with Usha.
"I don't think that happiness can come in a box, it is a
state of mind, a journey, not a destination".....

hug teddybear

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