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how to keep marriage be passionate?

after being married for over 10years,do you still feel your partner lovely,sexy and funny?do you still give him or her passionate kisses?

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IS something changing after 10 yearsdunno
If we were/are married, then we have ZERO business being on a website for Singles.

That being said, when I was married, after 10 years, yes to all of that.
ken,i am sorry i cant catch what you meant,could you explain it thank you
People here on a SINGLES dating site may not be able to answer the question you ask.
If your question was to asked "WHEN we were in a 10 year relationship did all those things you mention happen?, then i guess the answer would be
"if it did, we would still be in a relationship and hence not here on a singles dating site".
Hi Lucy wave

Long relationships seem to go through stages ... the early energy eventually fades and romance begins to require more effort.

The problem I found (I had been married less than 10 years at the time) was that expressions of good/romantic feelings did not seem to matter much to her anymore. dunno

She liked to complain too much so it was difficult to maintain positive feelings. sigh

I think both people need to show acceptance and encouragement of each other and for their relationship. It can be very difficult if only one person is doing this.


Ken and Simmo - handshake

Go easy gents ... there is a profile status for "not single / not looking" ... there are many honest people here with this status and there are many activities on CS (including blogging) that are not built around dating.
Oh my , about the 10th year marks the coming of the ice age , the marriage is frozen and no amount of lovely, sexy or passion can thaw this giant glacier ..... then we come to CS !
I think that if your still married it should be that way. You can't lose the "spark in your love life"!!
Hi Lucy. No, after 10 years marriage it shouldn´t be the "ice age".doh laugh

Being in a loving relationship the fire should be kept going and sometimes relit when it has gone out a bit.

I myself always made sure to keep that fire going... Unfortunately, my husband couldn´t be relit.

I once answered a question about the "ideal honeymoon" by saying that in a loving relationship the honeymoon should never stop.
wave angel
None of your business!........... my partner doesn't like it when I talk about the lovely sexy funny and passionate kisses me have.
Hi Lucy!

Just don't give up believing in everything life can provide to you! Give your own perceptions a chance, so that things you like to appear to you come true, besides the stories which have been happening to others.

@Veaster, if this case tends to happen, the two of that couple haven't checked right from the beginning if they suit well enough to each other. If two people are a good match, there will be no great effort for them to keep up their happiness going.

So far I am luckier by living on as a single than being in a relationship with the wrong person.
doh cool
Lucy, Simmo explained it well.
I was married for about two decades, until her death.

As written elsewhere I do not regret a single day of that marriage. I don't believe she did either. "lovely,sexy and funny" all that. Right up till the day she died. I would do it all again with her in a second if I could.
I made a good make up this morning,in good emotion :) thank you all here.
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