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Planting Potatoes

When I was a boy growing up we had several gardens around our old house. The largest one of all was used just for growing potatoes.

I can still remember those potato planting days. The whole family helped. After my Dad had tilled the soil, my Mom, brothers, and I went to work. It was my job to drop the little seed potatoes in the rows while my Mom dropped handfuls of fertilizer beside them. My brothers then covered them all with the freshly turned earth.

For months afterward I would glance over at the garden while I played outside and wonder what was going on underneath the ground. When the harvest time came I was amazed at the huge size of the potatoes my Dad pulled out of the soil. Those little seedlings had grown into bushels and bushels of sweet sustenance. They would be turned into meal after meal of baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, fried potatoes, and my personal favorite: potatoes slowed cooked in spaghetti sauce. They would keep the entire family well fed throughout the whole year. It truly was a miracle to behold.

Thinking back on those special times makes me wonder how many other seeds I have planted in this life that have grown unseen in the hearts and minds of others. How many times has God used some little thing that I said or did to grow something beautiful? How many times has Heaven used these little seedlings to provide another’s soul with sweet sustenance?

Every single day of our lives we step out into the garden of this world. Every single day we plant seeds that can grow into something wonderful. We may never see the growth that comes from the kind words or loving acts we share but God does. I hope then that you always tend the garden around you with care. I hope that you plant only goodness, peace, and compassion in the lives of everyone you meet. I hope that everyday you help miracles to grow.
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Oh oh oh I have something to say, oh I do applause never read your blog, sorry, well im busy, but got the part of planting seeds and the god thing, trues this, us as people as a plant, you plant a seed, you need to water it, nurture it, take care of it, give it what it needs to grow, protect it from outside elements....we as people must do the same with our soul and for us as well to grow into something beautiful....I would say a beautiful flower, not really a potatoe, but potatoe works yay

Thanks BChug You are absolutely right!hug
My respect. Good subject. I put every year on two bags of potatoes, the crop was 15-20 bags. Then I distributed them to few haves and old men who have no earth. But now everything becomes more difficult to be put so much. This year I put only 1 bucket. I see as neighbour's children with pleasure put and dig out at myself on a section potatoes. Yes from potatoes it is possible to prepare many different dishes. But the modern youth doesn't want now works, and here children do this operation with pleasure. I think when they become adults, as well as you with warmth will recall the of the childhood and as sat down potatoes. We have a saying. Potatoes are the second bread. Probably and at you so read. World and wellbeing to you.handshake
Hi Jim, I can also recall how I used to help my dad plant different types of veg. Those were the good times. I only have a small patch here for veg and only plant sweet patatoes and some herbs, the other ground I use for my flowers. I simply can't live without my flowers.dancing dog
Thanks to everyone for their comments.hug

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