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i just woke is just after 2 p.m....wiped out due to working on my vehicles these past weeks....yesterday after many evetns of the day...polished my ole lincoln...inside and gave it a radiator flush...learned a few things along the way....running smoothier now...buying me a bit of time to get things wasn't there a rod lincoln from wayyyyy a back....

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Am I Tall? Am i getting taller and taller or this car is getting smaller and smaller
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oh yeah that baby flies!!
heya that little car reminds me of my fiero it was like a go cart!!laugh
lincoln oh yeah...what a smooth ride! did my research it can last up to 400,000 miles in style!!wow
cheers laugh
you stay long here on cs not same like me cheers
well by now the head gaskets will be fixed and every thing will be good for another 10 years ...banana
i do not know about that....flushing is one thing...i did use a sealant....and know i need to do what u suggest...gotta get the extra bucks...doh
sweetiefireball yay

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