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Hello my friends and acquaintances,
As they say Friends may come and Friends may go, but acquaintances are there in the background.... Some will always be around when you least expect them. Friends will stab you in the back and tell you they never would hurt you. Acquaintances are just there to hear your sorrows and walk away for awhile.
In my eyes sometimes it is the acquaintances that we tend to lean on for they do not judge and tell you what you do not want to hear, but will sit there and listen till you can come up with your own answers. I appreciate my acquaintances as much as my friends. As a matter of fact I call everyone friend. As my mother thinks that my online friends are just acquaintance because you can not look at them or touch them.
The description of acquaintance is:a person whom one knows but who is not a particularly close friend <a casual acquaintance> Friend is a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.So as you see We all are friends and acquaintance because so me are closer than others and as you grow to know another person than you become friends.
Why am I writing this blog? Well one thing I wanted to write something and another is because it just seems fitting because I need all the friends and acquaintances. I just want everyone to be loved in one way or another. So Peace be with you and God Bless all. angel hug peace

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Hi Wildchild, I'm happy to be amongst your friends and aquaintantances. How are you? Haven't seen you in a while!rolling on the floor laughing handshake yay
Hi Wildchild waveWhat a lovely, honest and sincere blog. True friends are a wonderful blessing.
I think what I enjoy about online friends and acquaintances is that at least one or two of them are always there. We all have our lives to live and very busy ones at that but you can just drop a line here or there on someone's blog and lift or be lifted up by another.
We come from various parts of the world with different cultures and faiths yet we can share thoughts ideas, love and laughter. All are good for our spirits.
I too am grateful for people in this site.grin

I hope you enjoy and make many friends here hug

Lovely to see you Val teddybear
I just want everyone to be loved 'In one way or Another" covers a lot of ground,i would say...but then again,,there are those that want to be loved in only one way,,right away!!..and what happens to them?...because they didnt have their great expectations fulfilled(because thats what they expected)they have plummeted into the dungeons of their own doom....
But..i would always hope that theres no one sad in this some instances it is within their control to be happy..and what happens?..they let it pass right on by...
Hi Val
I have been busy with work and my Niece. We have been enjoying our time with her. Work on the other hand is just that work. So I try to get on but at times I just show up and read some and not comment. I hope the best for you You are a friend indeed.
Hello Wallops1964
It is always good to hear from you. Yes I have met some pretty nice people here and look forward to meeting many more.
Hello Namaron,
Yes there are to many lonely people in this world that is looking for love instead of friendship. That if they would see that the love starts by being a friend and letting it slowly turn into something special that it would be special. I personally like to start as friends, and it don't turn into something special Oh well I still have a friend.
I also have to say you east coast people are so deep. I just like chatting with you all.

yay cheers innocent
Surely agree with you wildchild, we all need friends on this planet, even when they are in cyberspace.

Hi wildchild wave

Believe it or not, I do regard some of my CS friend's here as my 'real' friends, no different from my other friends that I see everyday in flesh here. it's just a matter of opportunity, if they are not so far away, I'd have driven over to meet and have a cuppa with them. Oh! And also not forgetting some cupcakes to go along with it!! giggle giggle giggle
namaron east coast people are so deep?...i must disagree with you here,,,,,look what you wrote in reply to said it so there wouldnt be any misunderstanding what so ever...i couldnt have said so cleanly...but you did...thats alittle on the deep side,,id say.......
applause Hello There! hug
cheers Cheers to you wild child! Awesome blog! Thanks!hug
I had another encounter with one of our infamous friends on fb, and wanted to contact you,,,,but thought ill message you tonight, as I will be online there later.applause
Hi Angel, nice to see you!yay banana yay
Hi friendswave who have come since I wrote... Lovely to see you all hug teddybear
wave hey! Val.
I been gone most of the day. ( Like always).....hug

hey! Wallop........ hug
Hi Angel, I wasn't here much either, just came on now to answer some mail ,,,,will be off soon!dancing dog
Always a delight to see you angel hug

It's bed time for me now.. Ya'll have FUN!!!! yay wave
Namaron Yea I did mean as you are deep because I have to really think about what you are saying. I think you are a really smart guy so don't take it wrong. Friends? grin
Hi Mimi and British Columbia,
I also think of my cyber people as friends and would love to have coffee and cupcakes with all of them. Hope your days have gone well.
Hello Angelpepper Nice to see you
Night Wallop, Have sweet dreams
Thank you for the nice comment.
: Wildchild;
wave It is nice to see you too....handshake
Just wanted to say hello!!wine
wine wine Just wanted to say hai well for me friends are like boobs there are real ones and fake ones toogrin grin
Well WildChild you are my friend....and have been there/here? for me when I needed someone......I appreciate your friendship truly even if we never meet in this life we will in Eternity....just sayin...I know how I want to be loved, just as I am...
Hello Angelcheering
Hi LouLouwine
Howdy do Zeu wave
Welcome my friend Carolyn to the site. Yes Carolyn you are a gem. You and Val have been my rock. I am glad have my new found friends here at CS. You all are terrific.
heart wings dancing
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