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Pray for our pink horse, Rose...

This is Rose...our beautiful red roan mare...she is in the clinic and is in grave danger...her second surgery was scheduled today-all from a tiny littl puncture below her fetlock which got infected in her tendon sheath....we are sitting on pins and needles...will be back later to check comments!
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I wish you all the best on a good outcome for you and the horse..wave
My thoughts are with you and Rose..... comfort hug teddybear

She's such a beauty!
I am so sorry, to hear that!.....teddybear
We just heard tenatively good news...she is not out of the woods yet!!!! It is a glimmer of hope!!! teddybear
All the best for your beautiful horse, you are in my thoughts!comfort comfort
Hope everything goes well and Rose gets through
Adding my prayers and good thoughts for your beautiful horse.
Hate to see animals suffer.

Sorry to hear about your horse wishing all goes well..sad flower
May god protect your horse and heal Rose fast and without complications. May he give you the strength to get through your troubles. Amen
roll eyes Calliopg;
I have call you. And have left a message, with your voicemail.
Hope things will turn out for your horse...bouquet
@ Calli's Girl - wave .. As an animal lover it always saddens me to here about sick or injured critters, I do hope that Rose pulls through, Girl.... conversing

... comfort comfort blues
hope all turns out well hug
Hi Callio, wave hope all goes well for your horse. hug
Thank you all. Rose had her 2nd surgery yesterday-a stick went clear through her fetlock.....we are still waiting on a recovery. It sounds a tiny more hopeful...we are still waiting....teddybear bouquet dunno

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