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Voodoo <Obeah>

One of my grand mother use to take my brother and I to her Voodoo
church on a sunday morning, This was a happy church for us there was alot of singing and dancing.
Looking back now I am glad our Granny took us to her church.

There is a law on the Island from 1760 it is

The Jamaica,s Obeah Legislation.
1760:In response to a major slave rebellion the colonial goverment
outlaws Obeah for the first time in the Caribbean...

With the Act to Remedy the Evils arising from Irregolar Assemblies of Slaves , defining Obeah as The wicked Art of Negroes
pretending to have Communications with the Devil and other evil spirits.....doh doh doh

After reading this I had a good laugh...

Walk good every one....dancing dancing dancing

PS. Some days ago I was hoping for rain now we have rain <NICE>

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Your Majesty Fly bowing bowing bowing

Glad that you finally have the rain. I just love it when it rains....

I might sound stupid here but voodoo does exist, doesn't it?!?!

I might sound stupid again here but I do believe in its existence..... uh oh

wave hug
Yes Mimi we have alot of Obeah on the Island only we dont talk about it. And over here only with some Africans can one talk about Voodoo...,
It's still a taboo then?
Yes and No Mimi
There are many churches on the Island and thay dont like Voodoo

Yet Obeah is apart of our folklore...
How often do you go back to Jamaica? Do you still have any relatives there? How many years have you left Jamaica?

I'm sorry if I sound like an IRS interrogator..... blushing blushing blushing giggle giggle giggle
Theresa4tgl best friend is WICCAN.....when we first met and started educating one another about how we understand our faiths....and she was telling me about spells and incantations.....I laughed!.....and said...or don't have to explain that to me. I understand fully. It's no different than praying and having faith that my prayers are answered. Just don't ever get angry we me and cast a spell because I've already prayed as King David and asked God to avenge me of what my enemies do against me and have sat back and watched the destruction they wanted on y happen to them. We busted out laughing and got up and made us another drink...cheers
Yes Mimi I try to go back once in three years for six weeks or so
There is only a brother ,and some very good friends
left the Island more than 30 years ago.
Yes Theresa I dont use spells or cast them
these things have a way of coming back to the person who have cast a spell or use them........
Voo thats a thought....maybe my king it can be used to flush out the Phantom of the Darkness.....
No fighting today Nam

Yet it would be nice to dance to some Voodoo drums againcheering cheering dancing dancing
Hi Fly. I have drums. Maybe you could come over here and we could play them? But no vodooooo..!dancing dancing dancing
Fly cheers I was always taught don't play with magic you nothing about bouquet
Yes Mine. that might be nice, to play the drums and dancing to there beat and rhymes one become free in mind and bodydancing dancing
Lived in the Bahamas for 36years!
Heard a few Tales from the Bahamians and the Haitian-Nationals living there!

The Singer was originally from Cat-Island Bahamas,center of Bahamian Obeah.
Miss Butterfly Voodoo or Obeah is some thing not tobe played with
Yet there are drum beats and rhymes and if one listen and dance with them we can go into some thing new...dancing dancing dancing
Conrad thanks for the input I love it...dancing dancing dancing
I agree Fly. The sound of drums is very powerful and puts you in a trance. I do that often to get into theta state. Great!yay yay yay
Yes Minerva maybe oneday we could dance with the drums togather <laugh> Still living here in the west there is so much my roots one have forgotten,,doh doh doh
Fly glad you got your rain.... you should live in Ireland where it rains most of the time...Voodoo, I have a healthy respect for it.
I love Drums, Drumming and the Rythm, the sound, it puts me in a different dimension, like meditation, I get very high and happy on it. I have respect for Voodoo. yay

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