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MY Birthday Is Coming

Now I know what I want for my birthday present
a 1911, 9mm pistol. Who will be the first one
to send me such a great

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Sorry! Not Me......comfort
Anywho!...happy Birthday coming soon....hug
55 that's quite an expensive gift, and do you know how hard those are to find, ok ill try me best super
nope no luck, want anything else grin

Rocks Pistol
Embedded image from another site
i hope you like it laugh handshake
Dont be afraid to stand for what you believe in, even if that means standing alone.. - Unknownhandshake wave
Hola Mano. I already gave you your birthday present!
I think you are corrupted enough!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
well, well, well,

and I thought you were my friendsmumbling
I wonder what are you going to do with it,, when poo in your own pants may be you will shoot your own azzlaugh laugh laugh
I was thinking of order toilette papers.

go head, order some extra papers

I already shits my pants.laugh
As a former soldier I still like guns, and a 1911, 9mm pistol
is a must have., is right this is an expensive gun
and hard to find an original.cowboy

Happy Birthday to ME.danceline
Happy b-day to you...I do not like guns...and never heard of the one you wish for...but wish you a happy b-day!!!...maybe you could get laid instead?
Why in God's name would you want it in 9 mike mike? I mean really, Yuk! Might as well get a Makarov.
Seriously, they do make them, but even Colt backpedaled on that design with the 9mm round. It is just all unbalanced mechanically. If you must have a low capacity 9, I would strongly suggest a pre WWI PO-8 Luger. They are the sweetest things to shoot out there in 9mm, if you can afford one.
The last WW2 machinist drawings for the 1911a1 were Freedom of Info Act released and posted to the web as both PDF and CAD over a decade ago, so if you have a mill and a lathe, there is a project.
If you don't mind an occasional cracked receiver, go Colt Delta in the original 10mm.
A second suggestion. Check out the NEW revitalization of the old Remington 51. If I didn't already have a Luger, that would be my second 9mm choice.
Ken, i would of went with a gorilla 1st, damn, that's very mad but it is his birthday, so you should get him one hug in Canada we have known, i even went on craigs list, e-bay and kijiji and nothing blues maybe more luck in your country applause
Colt? I have my Dad's. Wish he still had it. I'd part with it for about $6K.
It's a .45.
Plentiful and dirtcheap!laugh
You shoot someone with that thing,they probably get mad,take the Gun from you and beat the heck out of you with it!grin
The cheap piece I keep in my safe for self protection is Spanish made and I have fired it exactly 7 times. Won't be able to oblige.

I'm a rifle man and I am hooked to my prewar Lee Enfield .303dancing
cheers wave

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