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I am sharing summer party with my CS friends!

Good Morning every one! Hope you all having a good time!
After being a full time baker last after noon,
I had very good sleep,

This morning I took my daughter to school with her cupcakes ordergrin

It was amazingly organized, I felt like a kid for a moment, amazing food various kind of food, oh my lord food ,food and food,

you know something life is like a river, you never touch same water again, as it is I never get a chance to enjoy this food again, so I made some photos from the summer party!
And I thought of sharing with you all!
My daughters order what I made yesterday
Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

From another parent-she said it is Cutlets-No idea
Embedded image from another site

From another parent supermarket cake-
Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

Arranged table 1&2- Grade 5
Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

Enjoy my friends bite everything while you have teeth!

teddybear teddybear teddybear

Comments (38)

hmmm , I could just about eat the whole lot ......banana
Hi vigro oh I had the same feeling,, smells wonderful, I wish I can be a child just for the summer party!
OMG OMG!!!!! Zeurich!!!

I am so so taking the next flight over to your place!! giggle giggle giggle grin

I think I'm gonna faint now.....
Looks yummywine
yeah looks just terrific ...well done ...soooo yummywave
Zeu, Black forest for me Pleeeease.!!applause
you must be a good cook that is why you order piza piza
Oh Edison, that's not nice,,,we all can't be good cooks, but I think everybody try their best,,,,,,,well done Zeurich it looks great. dancing dog dancing dog dancing dog
@mimi hope in to your jet I will make sure I arrange an ambulance in case if you land inside of my house yay

@they were look yummy I feel so sorry for my self that could not taste any,,,grin
@usha I have just send you be sure you eat all of them

@ Edison, That is my Italian Pizza recipes books, if it is hot pizza cannot be another book top of it right yay That is why there is a saying don't judge by the the way it looks my friend. Hope you had a great day.
Thank you val, I heard from all other parents that every one liked my cup cakes and my girl won tickets for the zoo coming summer to use,wine wine wine Oh I fee great she is happy!
Z, my friend... Mmmmmmm it all looks delicious!!! grin
Your cup cakes looks so colourful, very summery. Well Done! You.applause

I don't remember Times like this at school ... FAB! yay
Here they do actually wallops but where I used to live before they did not do something like this I think it is depend on the town hall but I am not sure... grin grin
when I was little I remember the ear end musical and the orchestra that is what I remember when I was in my age. applause applause
There you go Zeu, so glad everyone liked your creations and your daughter won ticket for the Zoo. I'm sure she's proud of you!banana
Afternoon Zeurich. That looks really good, but I can't eat much of this. But I hope you will have a wonderful summer party and I sick to diet soda and no cake.sigh Enjoy you Wednesday. yay teddybear hug
none of the food on that table looks like food kids would enjoy eggs in mayo samosa,s and the like what ever happened to jelly and ice cream looks more like an adults party to me !!!!! but hey ho some people just live imaginary lives at times mmm
Edison take a hike you are just being horrible as usualboxing
Now if I have a nibble of everything will it make me fatgrin zeirichrolling on the floor laughing
My grandson would LOVE this food... He really enjoys Indian and Chinese food applause he gets his love of all food from being brought up with a wide choice of food. It's great that they give a good variety grin
a comment from the queen of sticking her nose in to other peeps business as usual nowt new there red
Hi Redexwave happy to see you hereyay

You still working on that list typing for your family reunion get together very happy sounds amazing!!!!cheering
true eddie I have my eye on youcool
is that why they got rid of you from the forums as you were for ever poking your nose in !!!!!!!!!
you bored or something roll eyes tongue
Wallops!! Bring your grandson over here. I'll take you and him around to sample all those yummy food that Malaysia has got to offer!! grin hug
@val - yeah val you see me go yay oh kinda my girlie was very happy
@welela- oh really I have light diets too wish you too a wonderful Wednesday!
Mimi..yay I would LOVE to!!!! applause applause
If that thing called money was not an issuemoping sigh

Maybe one day!!!happy placebut I can dream about it meanwhile.
Could you imagine the fun we would have??? It would be just one big party dancing boogie reunion party
@Edison- I am sure you are carving to taste those food, that is why you are bit noxious but that is fine, it is not a dream world or fantasy or adult part it is simply summer party for school kids as they are closing the school year next week. And in the school there are teachers directors also helping parents too in functions like these... so parents simply consider about them too... I don't think you understand because parts of body living in malta-turky-lancashire-england UK. sir bobby
@Red - yeah I think so too,,, but I was really wanting to eat those this morning Indian food is my favorite cheers cheers
@mimi I will be coming by you as bab sitter of wallops grand son is not that a good idea?cheers cheers
I am just thinking ladies how about we organize a gathering and let Edison to cook and clean,, he likes to be the man as he talks that is mans work any howlaugh laugh
Z, I think Mimi and I just might need the sitters rolling on the floor laughing
Wouldn't it be fun if we all could get together yay yay yay
Wallops I can imagine already the fun we gonna have when we get together!! The amount of laughter, giggling and not forgetting the gosipping as well!!! giggle giggle giggle Oh the amount of cupcakes we are gonna stuff ourselves!!

Theoretically, it would be cheaper for you gals to come over to Asia coz of the exchange rate but if I ever ever get the chance to go to Europe, I'll pay you gals a visit!
Hi Zeu
You must please refrain from showing all the delicacies. It make it very hard for me to stay out my fridge.
laugh doh wave
Wallops - I am please to help ya all

@mimi oh boy can imagine

@cat foot really hope in to your jet!cool
Hmm non my friend, yummy. I'd love to nibble on some.
Looks fabulous...wish I was there to
Lindsy yeah I hear from my little one it is so delicioushug

@lou yeah I wish toooohug hug

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