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just a hi

passing by, to see how my old friends r. i cant be here for a long time. hope everyone is ok. Dimiwave wave peace

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We'll there are some of us newbies here so... wave
I'm sure all your old friends will be here to greet you soon grin
excuse my manners my lady. i am an old CSer and i happened to be around. didnt mean to insult u.sad flower grin
I never thought you were being insulting hug
Like all CS friends everyone says hi.
Hope you enjoy your short stay very happy
thank you.handshake
I'm also just saying hi,,,,am also a newby so to speak. Enjoy your short stay!rolling on the floor laughing yay rolling on the floor laughing
Bluener hicheers
Good Morning from Australia handshake wave
HiwaveI've been on here 2 years,don't remember you
hi wave im not your old friend, sorry, but had to post, cuz I like to say hi to everyone wave
Heya Blue,
You have beautiful eyes -- not so much for their shape or anything like that. It's what is in them that shines. I thought so when I saw you here before and just wanted to tell you so. I hope all goes well for you. wine wave
Hey Bluener,long time no see cheers
Thank u all. Especially the lady , who saw more in my eyes lol. Old or new, if u want to know me , read my old blogs. I left this site on september of 2012 . Aldo made a short pass last chrustmas .cheers wave comfort
Hi Blue....How u doing?..not many of the oldies left here now....I hope you are still writing!beer wave
cheering applause peace hi Blue how you doing???
Good I very much hopehug lips
i noticded that most of the oldiew have gone. i am writing 600 to 1200 words per day. mostly novels and short stories, but i have not published yet. wave beer
let me know when you are.
I think Amazon have great way of you writing and publishing your own book. someone did it for me in a collection of poems from people on poetry site.
applause cheering banana
I AM PUBLISHED my life dream accomplished blue.
I want for nothing now knowing my future family will always know they had published poet in family. I will never be really forgotten thenpeace teddybear lips
Good morning Redex, dear. Language is a problem , for me. Greek market is small and most of my work is short stories . no market for those here. So i will have to translate them before try to sell them throu Amazon. I have some publishers to see , before giving it up.lolhug
hello doc cheering welcome back , go back to that other site professor rolling on the floor laughing

Just a few days ride among the ruins , of what used to be a perfect site. Now?? Looks like a ghost town. I'm going back to the other site lol rolling on the floor laughing cheers hug teddybear

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