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countdown ...countdown

getting a lot of things done around here....organizing the whole house so as to b ready fro the new Notre Dame football season just right around the corner....and doing finishing touches on my dress and accessories for the wedding this weekend...going to dye my shoes and purse to match thee outfit....just luv to create things...grin

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I'm waiting for this coming Sunday
last game of the World Cup. Germany/Argentina.

Mine is Germany.cheering
football season right around the corner cant wait...go florida gators...sorry but had to say that....cheers
heya no problem just show what team u r into....luv us or hate us most peeps know about NDU!!!cheering cheering cheering
i sing for the Mass right after the am heavily into NDU!!cheering cheering cheering We love thee Notre Dame!!cheering cheering cheering imagine hearing a 4 part one of them that i am involved in...and imagine the fun when us 30 or more girls go on tour together in the out...cheering cheering cheering
do you play FSU in Tallahassee or in south bend,,if in tal,,I might have to come to see your choir
we use not sure about this year....confused
am going to check it out...
heya the game is in october on the 18th but in ur state...we only sing for the game if it is at home....otherwise it is regular scheduling at 5 p.m. on ready for us to win!!cheering cheering
FSU and UF are rivals, ND is a legend but all florida schools are coming on strong,,i say I am for all florida teams to win when playing other teams,,but deep down I am not a fsu fan at good luck playing them cheers
just got home and thank youcheering

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