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Keep it safe!

I met an old little age class mate today. It was not planned but she was really pleased to see me after decades. We were in the same junior school secondary and high school too... After I moved to EU I did not get a chance to meet her even when I went to USA.

But in a tank station I met her,, she and her family heading to Germany for a family function. That was such a wonderful time with her to have some quick coffee with her whole family.reunion reunion

For catch up time was not enough but she remine me something what I did when we were in primary classes. We used to go to beach and collect sea shells but from my parents or hers not allowed in Bedrooms. She said I have drop them in to my closet with a note "my big brother asked me to keep them safe other wise they will die so I put them in the closet"blushing blushing She said still remember those incidents and promised to come by me on Sunday to spend the night and take the flight from Amsterdam. I am so excited. I wonder why I don't remember that.

love love

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unexpected but happiest moment of ur life. beer
Happy for you Zeurich... and don't blame yourself, but your memory. yay teddybear hug
Hi Zeu, I can imagine how happy you were, it is so good to meet our old school friends. Same like I felt when my teacher came to visit after 48 years!banana banana
Nothing better than running into old class mates. In 2011 I went to my high school's 35th class reunion. First one I ever went to. It was awesome seeing a lot of them again. They're all on my facebook page
Enjoy your time!hug
@Bhadra thank you yes for sure that was an amazing momentapplause

@Welela oh no my dear I already have memory disorder due to an mental chip virus rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
@val oh yes I am still very thrilled and I went under the shower 4 times way too thrilled and simply forgot I already took a bath in the morning!

@Theresa- Oh really that is amazing!heart wings heart wings teddybear
So.....are you gonna bake her the to-die-for Dutch apple pie or those yummy chocolate chip cupcakes??? grin

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