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Sad Day Tomorrow

Sad day tomorrow.crying crying It's my birthday and I am turning 100.crying crying I am starting to feel old.sigh Maybe Butterflies will show up to cheer me up.rolling on the floor laughing

Seriously it is and one very pretty female CS friend sent me a personal note wishing me a happy birthday!yay yay yay

teddybear teddybear teddybear

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hi Jim my friend,,,in case i don't see you tomorrow on here happy birthday, and many more beer
Thank you Wen, my friend.handshake
shock Wtf! GJim: Im on your friends list. And i cant even write to you. You has usa blocked! Dont you? Now im on the inside of the usa. Looking out at you on cs, from a far.!. . .snowed in> Thats ok dude!
Never be sad when another year is added to history.cheering
Angel, I don't have any country blocked. I just checked. I can write people in the USA or any country.
Hi South. I haven't met you before.wave
Its been a Birthday week this dancing boogie bartender balloons cake We will have to an end of week Birthday party tomorrow to celebrate all the wonderful CS friends.

Will wish you Happy tomorrow Jim happy birthday dance dancing dog joy cartwheel
Thank you Wallops! You know Butter, she will show up early. I hope she is sober.rolling on the floor laughing
I hope there will be some boys to go out and have a few beer. As the years pass we learn to celebrate when we see those younger than us being placed under or become the contents of an urn.
Here's to you for the birthday cheers .
Thanks Prenge!handshake I know what you mean. I will be with family and friends tomorrow and Saturday.thumbs up
Hi Jim
Hell, you don't look a day older than 99. But who knows, maybe tomorrow.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
teddybear Happy Birthday Young Man!
Hey gentle like cat says you dont look like 100 more than 60 laugh however i wish you good health and a long lifehandshake
Yeah...and maybe I won't be 100 tomorrow.rolling on the floor laughing I am going to let people guess. My profile does not have my correct age!rolling on the floor laughing wine
Thank you Theresa!hugwine

Thank you Nighty!handshake I appreciate the compliment!wine
laugh GJim.............................rolling on the floor laughing
applause Happy Birthday Gjim.....bouquet
Thanks Angel, I owe you one.tongue rolling on the floor laughing
HAPPY DAYS, that's brilliant 100 tomorrow, many many many happy years to come, age is but a number cheering
laugh GJim;
I own you 2 more!....giggle
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Jim wave

My daughter baked this. Not perfect but yummy!!


Remember how excited you were when you turned 5 years old??

You should be 20 times that excited!

teddybear hug teddybear hug teddybear hug teddybear
Oh Jim, I HOPE we are sharing that cake Mimi`s daughter made.. it looks so SCRUMMY!!!! cheering

Butters.. sober ?????rolling on the floor laughing I wouldn`t bet on it.. but then I do not bet confused

She will come like a whirlwind full of joy joy cartwheel cartwheel cartwheel joy danceline joy dancing boogie
Happy Birthday.
wave handshake GJ

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laugh cheers
Wallops, I'll let you in a little secret! No! No!! Not the secret hunk I've been drooling about!! giggle giggle giggle

My daughter asked me to send this cake to school during her recess time. I did as she instructed but not before I took 2 of those Kit Kat at the sides and re-arranging the rest all over again! grin
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Dear God for Gentile's birthday I want world peace, to end hunger and pain, to end global warming, to end racism, for people not to judge others by the outside, for all ages, colors, races, and other differences to never matter, for everyone to have same opportunities for all,to live in a world where money has no value, where equality and understanding is an everyday experience. For Gentles birthday I want the simply impossible things as a gift from you GOD.

Dear Gentle you are just a year younger than my father and 5 years elder than my mother so I have the same respect for you too. I wish you a wonderful birthday with good health wealth and may all your dreams come true!

God may Bless you Gentle!
Always love Zeuballoons party party hat waiter
Dry your tears. 100 is the best age to start enjoying your life. All your enemies must be dead by now...rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Happy Birthday party elephant elephant elephant
Major correction on my birthday age!!!!!doh


I do thank everyone who has wished me a happy birthday! I love all of you! heart wings heart wings heart wings You are great friends!yay yay yay yay yay yay
Mimi, thank you for the beautiful cake! hug hug

Zeu, thank you also for a beautiful cake!hug hug
uh oh Uh! How old, will you be?...99?!
happy birthday Have a wonderful Birthday Jim.
Wishing you many happy and healthy years to come.

GentleJim, We practically share birthdays as mine was today, Incase I am out tommorow and not online... I am wishing you a very very Happy Birthday, I love your blogs and you've always been supportive and kind to me. You are one good person. Have a wonderful Dayhappy birthday rose rose rose balloons cake cake drink pouring flirty angel2 Have a wish as you blow out your Candles and dont bother to count them... doesnt matter !! age is in your head.hug
Have only been on this site a short time, so don't know any of you but want to say Happy Happy Birthday, hope it is the very best you've had in a long time full of love and joy and fun....
You look hot for 100 years...use your cane to beat the ladies off you!!wine
Wish you a very Happy Birthday Gentlejim!! May the year ahead be filled with happiness and good health.!!wine
Hi Gentlejim! Don't worry, and have a fabulous birthday! cheering party cool bouquet
in tea party years?lol.

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