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Rose's Update....Vet hold's Horse Ransom

Our vet will not release Rose to us until we pay him $2000...We have paid him $575 and now we are scrambling to find the rest....because everyday is added board and the bill will get bigger and bigger...Arghhh!!! SHe is healing well...but alas, we do not have her home with Calliope...who is sad without her....sigh uh oh frustrated

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Calliop; Awww!
That! Is so sad.
What are you all going to do about it?..hug
Lol. Get a loan. My phone is off, Angel....
wave Calliop;
I had been trying to call you.
I know, I will call you tonight.
oh .....gosh ...what will you do ....that's extortion , take a police man with you , next time you go and see the horse ..OKwave
3-7-19-23-43 ... 6-8

There you go callio, tomorrow nights euro million numbers..
when you win, buy the vets little boarding house and when your the new owner (his boss) fire him grin

Nawwwww.....that's awful! I hope it gets resolved real soon for ya! teddybear bouquet
Callio, If he was a caring and professional vet, he wouldnt act in this way, he knows you are decent people and will pay, he is acting like a money lender and making money on the back of your financial situation. This is against Equine/Vetinary regulations... I am sure there are stipulations/standards as to how a Vet should act in your country same as here in Ireland. I would think you should phone them or bring somebody along as a witness to what he is doing.The boarding Fee isnot your problem as his nastiness has resulted in his not giving you the horse back until he gets fully paid. That has made it impossible for you to take the horse home.
Horrible situation. I hope for you and your horses sake its fixed.
writing typing motorcycle Finally, I would threaten him with writing to the Vetinary Societies about his misconduct, I would also go on local radio about it... or at least tell him you will unless he releases your horse toyou and allows you pay off the money owed as fast as you can. Best of luck x
ItchWitch I have a strong feeling that there will be a 36 or 35 in there, and a 10. applause
In that case gloss, do your 3 numbers in the bookies, bet one euro if they come up you win 33 grand.. would make a nice belated birthday present, hope you had a good one hug cake

Hope you manage to get something sorted callio sad flower
Tell him to keep the horse. In 6 months he'll be offering to pay you to come and take her off his hands.
Perhaps getting a loan is smart thing to do...if the fees are continually adding up...what a shame the vet doesn't try and work with you...sigh
For what does he want 2000 $ ? dunno

Lou can lend u as she earns 70.000 $ on a Canadian dump. wave
on the other hand - what do u need horses for? dunno
Hi Callio, if the vet doesn't know you, it'll be hard for him to know if you are even willing to pay.

Can you agree with him on a payment plan and give him a direct debit to take an agreed amount out of your account every month? That's the way some vets gets this sorted around here.

Best wishes to you and your horse. bouquet
Can't u see a farrier before u go to a vet? These guys may know a bit about horses.

Or move to another state without paying such an awful bill to such an idiot. Did u ask what it will cost before?
wave Calli,, Best to take Virgos advice...dunno wine
Hello Calli. I thought that only in our country there are such problems. I hope everything will decide safely.
Embedded image from another site
Thank you everyone....I called the sheriff's and apparently they say it is a civil matter. Guadal...our horse got an infection in her tendon sheath..that is what ultimately killed "Barbados" the horse that almost won the triple crown. It takes seven days for an infection of that kind to happen.....and then BAM...your horse is dead. Rose had a stick go through her entire foot...beit a small stick. We have not lived here in Tennessee long enought o know any vets very well...we have a different vet for our smaller pets...this vet, Dr. Baum in Shelbyville, specializes in horses. We are trying out best. Apparently he only wants all the cash. I am sure other people have ripped him of and he doesn't help anyone out.
And Goldengloss...I think that is an excellent idea.
Calliopesgirl, I know every Doctor, Vet gets ripped off, but there is money in Equine Vetinary practice. you care about your horse an dit is emergency Care, you dont have an alternative as in , there is not any other path you can take for this beautiful horse. He knows that and seems to be exploiting it. The Cash bit worries me, I think the price of a Solicitors letter but I guess you are so concerned about Roses foot and the fact she could die. Still, he is acting like a moneylender and putting you to ransom in a nasty unprofessional way, He could have his fit to practice put to the test legally for such unprofessional behaviour, Best of luck and lets know how you get on. I have dealt with money grabbing Vets who took advantage of my love of abandoned animals, Horses, Cats and Dogs etc., nobody is above the law and the Cops as usual say its civil.. a little visit from police wouldnt do any harm.
I have just written the Govener of Tennessee...and will be calling the state Vets office today. I think maybe a news story would be interesting.....
lol. I can spell....laugh
Calliop Great, delighted you are not going to let him bully you.
I am concerned for Rose and hope she will be ok. I dont understand 'I can spell' is it something I wrote ? anyway, do get on to local radio as alot of people may have had a similar experience and all it needs is somebody like you to open the conversation up.
Best of luck rose
Itchywitch Thats a great idea about the numbers... I have heard that its much better to go to the Bookies office to bet. I havenot a clue so might send a friend of mine , I often get 3 right and have won in the past, nothing huge... !! my inklings can be right
peace peace doh What would I do if I didnot have to worry about bills anymore ?
Goldengloss...what a not worry about bills!!! lolollaugh
Calliopesgirl Yea, wouldnt it be absolutely great, no sick feeling in the stomach when that loud thud hits the floor and the postman has delivered a load of Bills... being able to take a holiday, having my Teeth done [saving up for Implants.... applause I think the Shock would be too much. I know everyone says 'Money doesnt buy happiness, but neither does poverty or constant worrying over financial matters. I wish I had the money to give you... please let us know how it goes with 'Rose'rose
Goldengloss...I am flying to Peurto Rico to get my teeth worked the near future....I do not worry about bills....but they are there...none the less....hug conversing sigh

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