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it its friday

and i have been working all day for my friends wedding tomorrow...took others places at the center and also have now been cooking for the past few hours....have two dishes left to prepare and then i shall call it a day...two more pasta dishes ...tonight finishing up my dress...i already dyed the shoes and purse last finish the hemline it has already been measured....and i shall wrap the gifts tomorrow....time to relax or i shall b too tired for the festivities....ahhh just kiddingwine

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maybe i am tired...sleep sleep cause ...everything...lolblushing
are you singing for your friends wedding ...wave
Hey Sweetfire! So many tasks still left! I wished I could help you! I am sure, you will manage this all! Good luck! boogie dance crazy coffee cats meow popcorn
no other friends she lives w are...we all pretty much know one it shall b a great partay!!drinking drinking drinking
one pasta to go....i made baked beans. sweet potatoes, a green bean salad, bringing bread i baked and other breads too, sausage and penne pasta dish, and nice a nice ah spaghetti and i am done w that then...there is to b a huge crowd of people at the cathedral and also the reception it shall b a lot of fun and go fast i am very sure
ps plus i had made an eggplant casserole for myself and make beef strognauff for my youngest....ooohhh la la....grin
almost forgot about the mashed potatoes w gravy also....
Hi Sweetiefireball,

Sheesh! The food sounds so good, I feel like crashing the wedding party just to get some of the great food! laugh

Ahh, I like weddings. When all the In-Laws get to meet. help

Just kidding with you.

Have a good time tonight and a great time at the Wedding tomorrow. tip hat
Hi Sweetie, enjoy your wedding today...all sounds wonderful applause applause

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