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Anyone who found love online ? - Congrats to them

Hi friends,

I find online love to be great, awesome and thrilling. I know it takes a lot of patience and the time taken to meet in real life for the first time in real life after long chats, texts over phone etc would be exciting. But i feel that waiting period to meet in real is the real test for the couple's true love. So i just wanna know does anyone found their online love that lead to meeting and then marriage :)

I really admire people who are in love and that too especially online love. i love to hear their love stories :)

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popcorn drinking

Hi akneedslove wave
It is would have better luck winning the big lottery two days in a row....than to find love over the internet. rolling on the floor laughing Actually, that was me saying that. laugh

I have heard some ending has yet to be written. I will let you know when I know the end of it. :)
Hello mimi1973 how are you?
hi johnny good luck for your ending :)
I'm good! In fact, feeling great! I just had my second helping of those yummy 'Tiramisu' wink

Hi Johnny wave
Hello Mimi. :)
I came on this site with the same intention: i.e. to find love of my life, ROMEO, Mr. Right, Mr. PErfect whatever...
but ended up in realization that
CS is not the right place to look for it

One can find good company over here though, if not companionship.

Because, the target that we set for companionship are far too high. MAny a times, we are not ready to let them go. and CS is very unreliable in many ways...

Yet a good critical comment, a food of thought, a keen remark lit my mind up !!! and I am content at this intellectual company only now !!!
Good luck !!!
hi innocent soul.

Everything worthwhile takes time. So be patient and one day you will find your love too. Dont lose hope :) i agree many bad people are everywhere and good ones too exist and sometimes people because of the bad experience even doubt good people in the beginning, though no fault in being cautious. But good hearted guys and girls are there too:) you will find it one day :)
Hi Akneedslove,

I did 15 years ago. It was great and still is even we are not together anymore now.

It was not about the moment we met in person, the thing more impressive was that we could feel close to a stranger in a very short time (when the chat went properly,honest, clean and constructive). Six months chatted with him made me feel knowing him for ages and when we met in person, everything we said was reflected to our figure and gesture. We have a very beautiful daughter together.

Now I'm in CS not to find a man. It's more to stimulate my general knowledge and practicing my typing speed. If in the same time I meet good person, I consider it as a luck. But no one would replace him in my heart.

I'm a lucky girl....
twinkle42 - sad to hear that you two are not together anymore :( hope everything will be good for you hereafter :) i get happy when i see beautiful couples/lovers and feel sad when they break-up or not together anymore. Little bit emotional
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