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Photo caption contest - frog

Mine is;

Oooowww ! Those damn bar flies. help
---- IMAGE REMOVED because no longer allows embedded images ----

Add your own caption, if you like. cheers

Comments (26)

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Smartttttttt!!!!!!!! reunion

Welcome back!!!! You've been missed! hug teddybear
um.....a "caption" is... a statement related to the photo I posted. Perhaps something related to the cause of the frog's apparent discomfort.
Hi Jim wave

Burpppp!! Those yummy flies were delicious.....
Hi Mimi... wave thanks

the frog just broke his fasting, and get relax with full stomach..
Hello M wave
That's better. thumbs up
"In hindsight dragonfly toppings did not go well with pizza."
'Call Ryan Seacrest... I want to give birth on live TV. After all this is Kermits baby.'laugh
drinking Jimmie;Hmm!
That seem like a private
"You think you had morning sickness ?
Try it with 300 tadpoles swimming inside your belly !"
"After that SOB Kermit found out, he left me for some pig !!"
Fruitflies work best for a tummy achelaugh
"I am preparing the stamina for my game tonight, Germany needs me to be there...."
But..but Jim, I love Ms.Piggy!!
"I'll bet he leapfrogged right in front of that upright stick on purpose !"
"I knew I should have been more suspicious of that princess wannabe with the black lipstick."
Hi Jim,

A caption for your posted frog pic:

"Ahhh, poking my belly button with my finger and playing with the lint in there kinda tickles. Hee hee hee! Oh, and I like my new PAD too. Maybe later, when the pad dries out, I'll roll it and smoke it." lol frog very happy
Hello Jim....

If I only had something to show the ladies. laugh

lips lips lips this could be my princegrin
McDonalds, I'm lovin it.....too often sigh laugh beer
I love my beer belly cheers
"Anyone in this pond got some Pepto Bismal ?"

"Oh wow man ! That toadstool IS hallucinogenic."

"Shit ! That's the last killer bee I ever swallow."

"I can't believe I ate the whole foot long."

"I'm sick & tired of being treated like some sort of animal !"
Oh I'm soooo ready for a kiss from a fair princess!!lips lips
OR glad there is not Frenchman aroundrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
They loooovvveee frogs legsrolling on the floor laughing
Red, the Chinese love 'em too!! smitten
"And that cloud looks just like Miss Piggy!"

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