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Pardon me, just typing thoughts down.

I recently got back from a weeklong trip to be with my biological family. (I say biological because I'm adopted. So technically, I have two families.) A lot of things have happened, from amazing to slightly scary. I guess I'll start with the scary and say I just found out my medical family history. The family line has a high rate of breast cancer. Well, that's just a perfect thing to find out over a previously pleasant dinner! uh oh What do I do? How do I prevent this from happening even though I'm just 21 now?! It frightens me a bit, especially since I had a 3rd cousin just get over her own chemo from breast cancer.
The amazing part was to go to Fantasy Con with my sister and her mother. It was so fun getting some attention there while I was dressed up as Princess Luna from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. very happy My sister dressed up as one of her own characters, but then changed to a plague doctor in the latter half of the visit, leading one person to think she was dressing up as a sketsy from The Dark Crystal. The mother dressed up as a sorceress.
Plus, I got to see several celebrities up close, and even some I didn't expect to see like the adult cast of YouTube's popular Kid History!
Bought a corset there and wore it the whole day with my cosplay as well, but I was given crap from my family when I couldn't bend over in the car to get a drink that fell on the floor because of it. rolling on the floor laughing All in all, that day was extremely exhausting, but it was a good day. Come to think of it, I could never find that one woman this person there said was cosplaying as Princess Cadence... would have made a fun selfie. One blog alone just couldn't describe all the amazing things I saw at Fantasy Con!

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Hi Clonetrooperlovr,

Seems you just had a nice holiday, good for you!!! Having two families is blessing... Except the news about the cancer. If I may suggest you, just don't think about it, enjoy every moment of your healthy life, happy life and be very productive in term of work.

Cheers, TwKl
Hi Clone wave
Your holiday and family sound amazing!! What a wonderful time you have shared.
I would just bask in the memories and continue to build more hug

I am with Twinkie on the cancer subject.. Do not let it worry you. Maybe talk to your doctor for advice on if there is anything you can personally do to help prevent it.

But hey, enjoy your 2 families! Double the trouble BUT double the LOVE!!! yay
bouquet sounds like a lovely time! Great memories y'all are building! I agree with the other two. Don't worry about the cancer thingy. Enjoy the beauty you're experiencing. Have a lovely day! wave
Hi Clonetrooper, wave I know it is scary, but you know that you just have to take regular check-ups, because should you ever get cancer (which I hope you never will), the earlier it is detected, the better your chances are.

I don't know how this works in the States, there is the possibility of getting a mammogram or breast ultrasound once a year and maybe get your breasts checked by a gynecologist every 6 month.

Take care of yourself, enjoy time with your family and maybe talk to a nutritionist what you can do in general to live a healthy life.
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