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I was watching this program on tv where there are two guys who would help people find out if the people they are having relationships with online were real or not.

Watching the show, there are a lot of people trying to be someone or something they are not. Posting someone elses photos. Through their personality they thought they could keep the other person. But when the other person finds out about their true identity, most of the time, physically, they run away.

If you do not show your real "self" How do you think others would take you? Building a relationship from lies and made-up stories.. Doomed.

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Hi Spicy wave

My friend recommended 'Catfish' to me about 5 months ago when I told her that I'm on a online dating site.

She was very worried for me and keeps on checking on me......until today roll eyes giggle giggle giggle

She's a gem and I love her to bits grin

Have a great Sunday wine
Hi Mimi wave
yes, my friends asked me what's gotten into me when i told them.. But it's really up to us if we let ourselves be scammed in any way.. We get fooled even when not online so, the possibilities are the same. Me thinks.
Hello Spicy exactly what i say.thumbs up wine wave
Hello GaryT riight. cheers
This brings me back to an old classmate of mine. We were like 18, young and beautiful giggle giggle giggle wink , she was going out with this guy, 10 years our senior, not exactly a hunk but passable.

He showered her with gifts, lots of them, wined and dined at expensive places, zooming around in his expensive cars.

Less than 3 months later, he got her pregnant and he ....vanished!!
very mad Only then we found out that he already got a wife and kids tucked away somewhere near our hometown, several more kids as a result from other liaisons with different ladies at the same time. He was really a love rat! very mad mumbling

We also found out that he wasn't as well off as he portrayed himself to be. He had debts all around town and the loan sharks were actually hunting him down! doh

My friend's parents forced her to abort the baby and they moved out of town shortly after that... sad flower sad flower sad flower
So tragic! blues But then, you were young and didn't know better... A skunk he was very mad I still couldn't comprehend why some men do that...
sigh well, I guess some of them are heartless?

Also, it's easy to prey on young nubile girls who are very gullible at the same time? dunno
Young girls that believe in love at first sight and other too-romantic-to-be-true ideas... wine
Aaaahh.....I was once like that blushing blushing blushing

and unfortunately.....still do and the trouble is I'm not even

young anymore!! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
rolling on the floor laughing hahahah nothing wrong with being young at heart. cheering
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: Spicy_Sugar; Hello!
I watch that tv show, all the time. And i watched it, 2 hours ago. Here, it mostly comes on on saturdays.
My Angel!!! reunion
Hi Angel! wave I watch it when I'm home... If my schedule permits... thumbs up
Spicy_Sugar;...gotchathumbs up

sounds like he did all that so he could have sex without a condom on ......wave
Virgosingle It was in the late 80's. While AIDS were not exactly unheard of but in that small town of ours, 'country bumpkins' like us don't know any better, a bit on the ignorant side.
I watched Catfish for the first time the other it shock shocks the socks of me ...what some people will stoop to doh doh

Good to watch though popcorn popcorn popcorn

Spicy enjoyed your blog... Have a great Sunday teddybear
Hi Miss, wave don't know the show, but there will always be liars around.

I agree, it won't last long, but then a lot of people are not looking for anything permanent. dunno

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