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Snow never melt

There is something
that i want you
to guess that thing

its white, sweet and
cool but its not
vanilla and ice cream

yes, its true
if your answer is snow
but you can't eat snow

is white love
why ? because
Love is white and sweet
you can grab it
and feel it
in your heart

love is eternal
love is immortal
and strong

Dear, i don't know
where are you now
but your love is
meaning to me

i'll be waiting for you
even a century
two centuries
because a love
that i give to you
is never melt
forever and ever

teddybear sad flower

Comments (23)

Recipe for.Snow Cream -
Snow (light, fluffy snow works best.)
Whipping Cream
Egg (s)

Beat eggs & cream until stiff.
Fold into snow.
Add vanilla & sugar to taste.

Serve very cold
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing one for me pls Mclee...
Embedded image from another site
applause MICLEE;
Great! I been looking online for that today. Thank you.... bouquet
dont eat yellow snow laugh laugh
Good morning Ty wave I love snow and I L O V E ice cream love
And LOVE is beautiful! heart wings mentioned some of my favourite things here yay
Enjoyed your poem and hope you find your dream soon heart wings

Hi everyone applause have a wonderful Sunday..hug

Miclee, you have come out of hiding cheering good to see you grin
Mmmmm....... All these talking about food makes me hungry now. Anybody wanna join me for a quick bite?? grin
Well Mimi, now you mention it Mmmmmmm don't mind if I do grin

What is on the menu? banana have to be quick though as I have to do some stuff sooooon hug
Wallops Taking the kids out for some yummy Chinese chow mein!! Braised noodles and they are really yummy the way they do it here. Ooohhhh! How I wish you're here so that I can take you around to sample all our local delights! hug hug
drinking I'm going to bed.....head banger yeahh!
Good night and sleep tight my Angel hug hug teddybear
Yes! Mimihead banger head banger head banger head banger head banger head banger head banger
Night angel see you later hug sleep tight teddybear

Mimi, I know I want to come!!!! moping BLINKING money ...or lack of it doh
Still you are so descriptive my mouth is watering wow yummy!!!
Who knows one day eh???? grin
Wallops, Yup, who knows? Now, you have a friend in Malaysia, more reason for you to come, no? You can stay at my place, bed and breakfast provided wink
Absolutely Mimi, more reason to comegrin

Just thinking of the breakfast thing .. Who is going to cook confused as neither of us are good at it? dunno

I can do a good full English... Can manage that ok grin (if I don't burn it!) uh oh
Answer is, your beautiful daughter can make cupcakes and we will live in those and eat outs ... Problem solved yay just need my ticket now hug
Brilliant idea!!! thumbs up thumbs up

giggle giggle giggle
confused confused He is talking about snow but he is eating fire I dont get itconfused wine happy week end!
reunion Smartawine wine
Zeurich wave

Good observation thumbs up thumbs up giggle giggle giggle
Lovely poem we are getting some lovely poems on here of late. To taste snow then it melts sighhhhhhhteddybear
A fine day to you all.

I never did like snow the first time I saw snow I became sick.
Getting up at 5 oclock in the mornings going to work in the snow
its not nice ,old people cant walk out side, No sir I find the snow miserable thing.
Your Majesty Fly bowing bowing bowing

How are you today?? hug
Snow can indeed be eaten.
More importantly, when using it for the water when cooking, please remember to stir the snow when heating it. If you don't it may burn in pot, and nothing ruins a meal like using burnt water as an ingredient.

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