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Please don't say you love me

If, you just see my picture on this website, Then send an email to tell me: "I love you! You are my baby! I can't do without you!..."
You guess how I will answer you? I will only say: thank you!
The word "I love you" maybe like in said "the weather of today is very good". Just a prologue or greeting,I won't stupid to believe that you are really love me.I can only secretly steal to smile, I told my photos: congratulations! A lot of men like you!
Have you ever thought to understand my personality, hobbies, experience?
Maybe you will say: I just want to see your smile, and don't want to know why you will cry;I just want to know how much your breast plump, don't want to know what brand do you wear underwear, or like to wear what brand of underwear, I just want to know if you want to make love with me, like to use what way to make love, I don't want to know your smooth body inside there is a monster called "thinking"...
So, the one you love is not" I", but a symbol, a face, a plentiful full chest, a smooth body...
So, you can go to buy a inflatable doll is enough, she will smile at you forever, never refuse you desire...

Comments (13)

do you need attention cheers
I think you are getting scammer mail their email address in their first letter and they want to skype you as well ...on the right of their letters is the option to block them ..and delete works good ...scammers want to get you off site befor this site delete's them ....wave
wave I just saw your pic and now....

"I love you! You are my baby! I can't do without you!..."moping sigh
I loved her and you
but could ever justify
I love you all the while
for two are sad
desperately need to smile
female form deforms at the first encounter
never to revive
why then such a hue and cry
love makes the ego die
"thinking" evaporates in the sky
time and space cease to exist
where to find pretension and disguise
what is face other than the reflection of mind
I may cry or whine
only to remind
if identity mistaken
destiny moves forward never to rewind
don't suggest anything to buy
constant gaze on the roof discovers the abstract
that will suffice
the attitude, the procreation of your pain
let it thrive
I loved her and you
but could ever justify
I know notting about you ,Seeing you here on the blog only tells me a little about you and not enough to say I love you.

Still you seem tobe a nice lady,I can only wish you good luck and walk good.bouquet bouquet
PS. We would be glad to read your feed back from the comments on your blog ????confused confused confused confused
Iotaoo Is that by any chance Randhir Kapoor, Karishma and Kareena's dad??
@Mimi...Rajkapoor...yeah Randhir&Rishi's dad...they are his grand-daughters...
Though he was a showman...but exceptionally talented films producer of contemporary cinema.
I see, they all look alike! Thanks for the info handshake
You sound angry at men.
But ok then, I DON'T love you and you are NOT my baby.laugh

But you're still a good looking doll.rolling on the floor laughing
Love some of your pictures of china, would love some morehug

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