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banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana 1-0 FOR GERMANY...banana banana banana banana

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Go! Germany........banana banana banana banana
SA, yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay

I wanted to Germany to win tonight applause applause

Congratulations to your team cheering cheering cheering
Yes GERMANYcheering cheering cheering cheering wine
OMG, have you been up the whole night to watch it or did you just get up?
ITS NOT GERMANY WIN...ITS KUROTZE WIN...GIFTED BY ARGENTINA???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Hello Outofbali...

on purposed I went back from my home town early so that I could watched the match... and I am happy as my dream team is won... banana banana

hello everybody... lets get party with me buddies danceline boogie dancing party elephant dancing dog choir group hug reunion drink pouring drink pouring danceline banana banana banana banana applause cheering cheering yay yay
I boycott your party???????????????????????????????
Who did they play?
doh dunno confused
It always happens...mind wins over heart..its a rule!
The best team of the tournament won.

Congrats to the German team. cheering

Embedded image from another site
Yes, I must agree...the best team won overallapplause
Well done
If I got that right, they were from 2002 on always in the group of the last 4.

I'll have a dig for my German country jersey tomorrow morning to wear for work. grin
KNenagh I bet you'll look really kool in that!! cool wine hug
a**hole win....
you are right Guadal..... Hello a** hole wave
I love you dear.
please write something to me back on the site.
Why did you block me?
I really love you and want that u write me back something.
I also have lost my skype password.
I dont have access to you
You misunderstood me.
I really am crazy for you and want that you come to me to Turkey.
I want to take care of you
dont you understand my love?

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