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So Yahoo

email alerts me to my having 3 new 'fans' on CS.
I am like what? What's a fan? (Yes, I know what a fan is, but really, a CS fan who needs me know it? How lonely is that?)
So I finally go on CS and observe all but one have already had their accounts deleted by CS and only one faceless (no pic) fan is still standing.
Needless to say the survivor has never posted in blogs or forum that I can see.
So consider thyself alerted. Fans you have never heard of before are probably scammers and an email entitled 'Hi' containing an external email address will probably soon follow.

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giggle giggle giggle wave
wave Hi Ken, never heard of that one before. Perhaps you can edit your setting on the email alerts, not sure. Your absolutely correct in your assumptions, from what I witness myself. wink
Hi Ken, wave you can change your setting that you have to approve beforehand if someone is going to go on your fan list (I think) confused
laugh right! I've gotten to where I just delete delete delete...

Hey...I,haven't had time to read..have had company this weekend...but I,will!wave

dancing You Go Ken!.....
Thanks, but no need to turn it off. Just bemused at both the tactic, and also how some of them were so clumsy on the site that the cite deleted them before I could view them. I mean normally with the 'Hi' emails and flowers, it takes 2 or 3 days for them to be deleted, but fans seem to generate a quicker CS response, which is good.

At T, is okay. No one reads their bible on Sunday anymore anyway. :)
In my case, it is the reverse. I was his fan and all of a sudden his profile was deleted. He reminded me of someone that is why I did it. Haayzz!!!
My fans always get deleted.I thing mods dont like those who become my fangiggle
sad that leo I have never looked at fans beforegiggle just friends listpeace teddybear
Ken the mysteries of cs keep us all on our toesgrin
Hi Ken,
Welcome to the club. Do check your photo comments as well. Sometimes they leave sexy messages there as well. I makes one feel so wanted.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Lols , im a fan grin

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