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Happy for my friends who found love :)

Hi My dear friends,

I just wanna dedicate this blog to two of my online friends who found their love online and they are doing great with their partners. I really admire them, not only them, but who ever is successful in this online relationship and real life relationship and both of my friends are going to get married by this year end or by next year beginning. They share gifts and one of my 43 year old who is in love, told she got the gift parcel from her indian bf and she is going to collect it tomorrow from the post office :) I feel happy for her :) One friend of mine is the lady from usa who found love online with indian bf and the other friend of mine is indian guy who fell in love with usa girl and both relationships are going great. As far as i know, few other online friends of me are also in online relationship like bolivian girl in love with egypt guy and filipino girl in love with canadian guy. My heartfelt wishes, to my friends and all others who are in love, to be successful in their love :) Love knows no race, no age,no religion, no boundaries :) Still there are people who prove it and remind it to people who fail in love, especially online love and be a source of encouragement to them.

I wish i too can find my true love one day. I am new to CS here and i would be happy to listen or read to others successful online love stories. please share it, if you have any :)heart beating

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i see cheers
good match yay
Best McDonalds ad I've ever read.... dam, now I want a Big Mac..
iam not smart nor handsome thumbs up
if i find my love,i'll share itcheering
I have found a few - not only long-distance, but also here, in person. But didn´t work out.dunno

Maybe the best is yet to come?dunno

Good luck to you akneed.wave angel
that is good plustina and i would like to read your love story one day :)
good luck to you too minerva88
Your friend is really very lucky!I also hope that the lucky knocked at my door!cheers
im on cs almost for 3 yrs but still waiting for my still alone but my hope is alive still..feeling happy for ur friends!..good luck to u too!
I'm too much feeling happy to your friends..i don't know them but i do
Hi I found a wonderful man here in C.S. and we had a good relationship. It ended after a few years... I grieved, healed, and came back online, I have had alot of people asking me out but you have to pick somebody you know you will have something in common with if love is to grow, friendship is to grown into a full blown relationship, teddybear So I am alone at the moment and happy
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