Help! How do Men think?

I've always wanted to write a blog to express these pent up thoughts. Today, is my first time posting a blog, so I may be a little rusty around the edges at first.

There was a movie called "Think like a Man act like a Woman", now when this was scheduled for release at the time I was extremely happy. 'My prayers have been answered' I thought

At the end I soon realized that the same information I had known before about men, is the same I knew after. Sprinting rapidly in my mid-thirties and still I have yet to figure out how men think. What do men ideally want? Do most just want the physical 'enjoyment' life has to offer or is there a deeper need?

I applaud most women, who decide to be single for the rest of their natural lives. However, unfortunately, I'm not that brave. When the thunder cracks and the lightning flashes, it would be quite soothing not to be single at these times.

Help is urgently needed, how do men think? Is it specific to cultures and age? Maybe other women ask themselves these question. I really hope I'm not alone on this.

- Canday
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They all think differently...just like we do giggle

And they bond just as we do giggle

You just gotta remember to pay attention to people's actions....not their words...professor hug
Mmmm ,, pent up you say....drinking innocent
Theresa, thanks for commenting.

Yes, indeed they are all different. I just wish I had a book with guides on how each one differs laugh

You brought up an interesting point ''they bond just as we do" and not too sure about that. Male and female bond slight different don't you think? I'm not an expert on male bonding, maybe I should be more keen in finding out.

As to paying attention to action and not words, there are a few Oscar winners among men.
Lukeon, yes, very pent up, however I didn't want to dramatize it too much applause
A picture(photo)would be nice.canday you have to listen to what men sayrolling on the floor laughing to understandrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing cheers
Scouse, I believe I'm a good listener. The thing is I'm very direct and to the point. For example, you said, a picture would be nice. True, it would be but I deliberately chose not to upload a photo. Whenever I upload a photo, most men wish mostly to speak about 'my garden rose' and not to me as a person.
YES thunder scares me as wellconversing
I applaud most women, who decide to be single for the rest of their natural lives???

Quite some efforts have been made in Braking up the unity and strength of the family , not something I`d applauded to
Nozeal, thank heavens I'm not alone in this... How about those lizards, yuck. I haven't seen one in ages (only when I travel) and I must say I'm not missing them at all.
Devovix, you didn't understand fully what I was saying :-) I was saying, being single for the rest of my life isn't something I wish for or want. However, women who make such a decision should be applauded, because it is not an easy this to do. Definitely not! Unequivically not!cool
Devovix, I'd to respond to your comments about breaking up a family? Who is advocating that? I'm very curious to know wow
Devovix, I'd to respond to your comments about breaking up a family? Who is advocating that? I'm very curious to know wow

Candy don`t pay too much attention to my flapdoodle, lost in space comments... Im a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist... laugh
Canday hi girl,i love roses(honest)but I have not heard that expression before(is that a german metaphor?)cheers
Devovix, oh dear, that was a joke wasn't it. I've got to relax more.

So, what have I learnt so far...

1. All men are different (watch their actions not their words)
2. To listen to them is to understand
3. They have interesting sense of humours

Wishing to add more points to the list above laugh
Scouse, I cannot pin point the exact origin of this metaphor. But wouldn't you say it is quite appropriate? By the way, it's great to know you love roses. I'd would say, I'm more of a fruit person banana
Welcome candy,you will fit in well hererolling on the floor laughing cheers
Thank you Scouse! handshake I'm looking forward to the interesting times ahead cheering
Hi Canday.wave Welcome to the crazy world of the blogs!laugh Rnjoy your stay.handshake
Thanks Gentlejim! If you guys keep welcoming me like this, I'll probably never leave my house. Why didn't anyone tell me that this sh*t is addictive. help
Men think as written in Deuteronomy, Leviticus and Ruth. All else is pretend.
The book(s) exist. Try, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. Written by a woman it gets some things wrong, but at least it heads in the correct direction.
According to Carlos Mencia, from the time we hit puberty, 'til the day they die, we're all thinking the same thing..."I wanna beer. And I wanna see something naked!" drinking wow

That is over simified. But he's not wrong. If we are forced to think of other things, the basic motivation to do so is those two things.

You're not the first woman I've known who intended to write such a book. I passed along to her the same bit of onfo. Possibly the best, most "get to the point" input she received. professor

Don't try to make this more complicated than it is. We're actually not very complex beings. daydream laugh
Your question is too generalised.... perhaps if you were more specific as to "how do men think (in a given situation)?"

For example... You did ask "what do men really want" if you clarified this by saying... "what do men really want from a relationship" You may get some answers to your question.
This sh*t's addictive, Canday
I think most men try to use a rational approach to thinking.....whereas....most women use an emotional approach. Because of that, would we really be able to fully understand each other? I guess I asked you a question. laugh
Ken, I see you are an avid reader :-)

Unfortunately, I have a summarized version of those books of the Bible and
“Men are from …. Women are from…” Guilty as charge, haven’t read. Now, you see my dilemma :-)
I must say though, I prefer knowledge in a more interactive setting :-) (straight from the source)
Thanks Miclee, oh wow! Now, I know why I’m single :-) I keep saying no I don’t drink and no you can’t see
me naked so soon. So, stick to simple and ignore complexity got it…

What about playing a damsel in distress vs a dominant know what she wants women? Who wins?
Solamente, my question was not specific to a category, because a man is not just
about relationships. And I believe how a person general think is a pattern of how they
similarly behave towards many aspects of their lives. Each response is different and it reflects
how men think in different ways…. I’m enjoying reading this :-)
Postneoludite, damn your name was hard to type out :D
You should have said this to me before I started writing this blog…But it’s never too late. At least you have confirmed! Thanks :D
Johnny Sparton, rational vs emotional. That is two different frequencies :D
The only way to understand each other is to learn from each other and meet in the middle
Not sure if that was a rational or an emotional answer laugh
How men think?....most, like women do....seeking a pretty looking, good natured women....some have particular choice,.....which you call.. "just want the physical 'enjoyment' life has to offer"....only a few, in my opinion, who go for....what you call..
"is there a deeper need?"
yes age and culture plays a role but trivial.
Actually the biggest problem is what you specifically seems to be desirous of, is a scarcity....excuse me, my perception...

Yes. You may want to try damsel-in-distress. VERY effective. Discounts on tires. Assistance from policemen. Getting fish hook baited. Getting married. My daughter is a Grand Master at this technique...And has employed it with outstanding results in all the situations mentioned.

Daughter has a maiden aunt. ..Auntie is in utter awe of daughter.

Of course, growing up, she had two subjects on which to perfect her and her grandpa. She's our family's first girl since we'd arrived in this country 100 years previously. We were putty in her hands!

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
iotaoo, I do agree that a lot of men just seek “the physical enjoyment’ life has to offer’’, however
isn’t possible to mix it up a bit. i.e. “enjoyment plus deeper need” I don’t believe in a fairytale knight
and shinning amour, because there is no perfect being on this planet. I strongly believe that common interests and goals do/should play a factor in a proper connection.

Scarcity, maybe you are right who knows ;-)
miclee, I’ve been doing it all wrong! I couldn’t tell when last I did damsel-in-distress. I need to take notes from your daughter. (I have my paper and pen ready to write)

I’m usually very direct and that seems to scare men away. So, what you are saying is that men need to feel the need to protect as all times.

No more changing my own tyres! By the way, what are tyres? Damsel-in-distress mode here I comeyay rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Hallöchen Canday, wave I think that no all men want the same things or think the same way. conversing I do think that sex has to do more with validation for some men than it has for some women.

Other than that, I gave up trying to figure out what men in general want. If someone interests me, I try to talk to him (yeah, that always works great uh oh ) and see how I get on with that one particular specimen. dunno

If you want to have someone when the lightning flashes, I think listening to him, having fun and always keep sex going is something that might help. laugh
KNenagh, that is an interesting point about ‘validation’. cheering Didn’t see it from that perspective before
but you are absolutely right. I recently indicated to a very attractive man that I’m more of a
traditional type of lady. He thought I didn’t find him attractive because I didn’t allow him to play
in my ‘rose garden’ after eight hours! Needless to say, he moved on to another ‘rose garden’.

What I do find is, the more you ignore them the more the chase after you. dancing Unfortunately, that is outside of my character, I like being polite. When I no longer wish to communicate, it really means I no longer want to talk to you. (not ignoring to get attention)

Summary: listen to them, have fun and ‘validate’, so that someone is there through the lightning flashes. yay
Well the most dramatic part of the story is that. ....they chase a fantasy of their imagination....the same is true of women....difference is are crazy while women are only inclined. ...most men die with an insatiable lust and temperamental behavior.....frustrated
Hmmm......hmmm hmmm hmmm

I could be wrong here but from past experiences, I think men secretly want a subservient partner.

I actually don't mind being one but my partner must not abuse his 'status'. Strange that I have this tendency to be the submissive one coz both my maternal grandma and non are not that, oohhhh far far from that! giggle giggle giggle
iotaoo, ‘men are crazy’ interesting input and ‘women are inclined’ most definitely most of us are!rolling on the floor laughing
Mimi, ‘’subservient’ OUCH! crying
To be submissive, a strong degree of trust has to be involved between the couple.
I must admit being submissive doesn’t sound too bad, on the contrary a relationship should be about giving and taking. In conclusion, I’d say that I don’t mind the man leading, however I won’t tolerate being led astray.

Re your grandma, it sounds like she grew up during the time when feminism came about. The
bottomline is we all can’t be the same. Diversity is the spice of life. cool
For some guys it is about the chase and not about you. Best to be avoided in my opinion Canday.

About the "you mean what you say": fairly typical for people who grew up in Germany, I am the same but don't observe this behaviour where I am currently. I get a "I didn't think you actually meant this serious" wow a good bit and the BS they're trying to feed you is unreal. Some are actually surprised when you call them out on it. laugh
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