What would you do if your wife cheated you ?
what wold you do if your husband cheat you ?

how it is so easy for the woman do undress with number of men, I means that mostly women trying to find a real person and she had have sex with him but in the couple of months or in years they broken their relationship , and woman try to find another man for the real partner but they can not find him even she because 40+ and after that she cannot find a real person so this is a big question in my mind that how it is so easy for woman to undress to the number of man ?
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"this is a big question in my mind that how it is so easy for woman to undress to the number of man?"

Are you generalizing or talking out of experience dunno
Cocheta once its generalize and also not experience, so it amazing and i can't image all that
As we get older we get self conscious and it would be very difficult to just undress for any man let alone a lot of men.blues
Shah, when I was married I stated to not care if any girlfriends were met besides me, just that I didn't want to meet with those. As soon as the other person is viewed jealousy comes up. I think a person must be free, unless things are negotiated between a couple. In my marriage negotiations were hardly possible.
I find some of your blogs difficult to respond to...are you posting your opinions to get a reaction?...one would tend to lean on that idea...perhaps you should ask the question, how easy is it for men to undress to a number of women?...being 40+...despite your lament, people will do what they need to do...you do not have control over others...treat them with respect and kindness and hope for the best...
If someone would cheat on me, that's him out the door.

The rest doesn't make any sense to me. dunno
I could let him goes with his mistress!
id kick the shit out of him dancing
I'll do like I've been told and fkuc her right in the pu**y rolling on the floor laughing
"how it is so easy for the woman do undress with number of men"

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

How can you ask that while ignoring, how it is so easy for the man to undress with number of women?

Lol, good to see you following my advice (not) and trying to write blogs to attract and interest the women in dating you. laugh
Shahper Are you referring to Christian or non muslim women here since you are a Muslim [in your profile ] Do you have a vein of thought that all Western women like myself [for instance] have no morals and like to take our clothes off ? Yes there is porn in the Western World and there are women who have different Morals, but dont forget, it is Muslim countries who watch porn too and also who come to the West and use prostitutes. Very very Hypocritical and an insult to Allah.
Am I to think that all Muslims do far worse than take their clothes off ???? that they are part of Is. the Islamic state and wish to kill all Christians ? How does it feel when the tables are reversed. Please have some respect for western women, as I have respect for my Muslim friends.
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