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Meet Duke & Dizzly

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Good morning every one! Say hello to my new family members.
I heard some cats were meowing mid night. I look every where but no luck. But early this morning I took my trash bag to the government container in our block. When I dropped my trash bag I hear again very hard meowing. I called animal ambulance they called the town hall as garbage tank was under the ground and town hall only had the key to open it. They got very cute two little cats. Some in human people tight them in a garbage bag and thrown to public garbage tank. I think god saved them bag was torn they could breath other wise they were dead by now. I cannot understand the mind of in human in this world.
Me and my neighbor just from the vet. They got injections and chipped completely for free as a favor of what I did. Coming three months they get free checkups after word of course it is for my pocket charges but still I am happy that I could save that two innocent lives.
The person who went down to take them up ask me to name one cat as duke who he lost few years ago. As a respect for that gentleman I did so. As I have big uncle and aunt they will grow up with my neighbor for some time. They are scared. Run under the sofa cannot touch at the moment.

Have a good day every one!

teddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear

Comments (7)

Awwwww.......hug teddybear
Happy birthday to you zeubeer
Happy Birthday Zeurich you seem to be a nice woman, All the Bestcheering
Thank lovely ones hug hug love you all
Aaawww, they are the cutest. Happy to hear this and good for the kittens. I hope your birthday will be a good day. Thank you for the save of this innocent creatures.yay teddybear hug
I think they are identical twins one total black one gray grin grin grin man and a woman.
Zeurich = You gain 20 hit points in my eyes for making the phone call and adopting them.

Sadly there are many humans who wouldn't have done either good deed (but still believe God will put them in Heaven, LoL to that). Here in the US what was done would be a crime. In days of yore when our borders were fully open we had monsters that would put cats and kittens in pillowcases and drown them in the river. The same folks treated humans the same way and many were also the folks who committed crimes. Somewhere around 1900 America realized having folks with those mentalities towards animals didn't help us as a country and we passed animal cruelty laws. I am pretty pleased to report putting multiple cats in a sealed plastic bag and disposing of it so they would die a slow suffocation death here in America would be considered a crime and some police effort would probably be spent to figure out which trash bag, what if any trash in it would identify the household (mail stickers, prescription bottles with lapels, etc.) and whose fingerprints are on the bag and a criminal prosecution would probably commence. One thing I do know as a guy who used to lock deserving individuals up is sometimes dead small animals at someone's hands was just the tip of the iceberg regarding that person's mental state and a little more digging sometimes turned up other legal issues deserving of followup. You may have a neighbor that neighborhood would be much better off without having him or her.

Give the little fellas some time. One is still new to the world and thinks all humans are monsters, if she even connects the smothering and trapped with the person, while the other one knows now humans are dangerous and the 4,000+ years we have spent building trust relationships with cats maybe should be discounted. So keep feeding them and speaking softly and they should grow friendlier in time as they relax around you.

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