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Bashing and why?

Hi every one!

Hope you all had sweet week end!

I was on the net went in to a forum site, and I read some thread most are not interested but some are. But what I see most of them try way too hard from their butts out of to prove they are right,I wonder why? Is that their negativity or their insecurity or are they in a misery. Insulting calling names, most made me laugh.
any of you made any of this experience?
Have a good day!!!!!!
teddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear

Comments (25)

Come on/let me have/some funlaugh grin
Just shrug your shoulders my dear. Perhaps they had a bad weekend.
Who knows. Take care. By the way it's so much easier to bash than smile sometimes. Like therapy maybe?
wave wave yeah bung wait will ya...
now you see me/later you won't
I was not commenting I was just reading lindsy. you know me go every where put my nose and see. I think some people got nothing else to do may be,grin grin
did you buy toona?
for your cat. Whiskas is better

if the cat i saw this morning still

around I'm going to have me a cat for myselfcats meow
So you don't know that yetdunno dunno
It's best to ignore it Zeyrich. I think we've all experienced it but it's their problem if they feel that they need to insult. No one will appreciate them for it. peace
Yes that is true,, how are you rain? Hope you had a good week end!
Sometimes people feel others need to be insulted to get a point across ....i do that sometimes to people .
@ Zeurich - Now you know why I spend my time in the blogs and face puzzle sections.... at least in here it's a lot more civil,... most times.... grin

... grin hug wine
yeah gotta the IDwine wine wine thank you for the tip
I think some people should read the story of The Remarkable Rocket from Oscar Wilde. thay are too full of them-selfes.

Have a nice day Zeurich.peace
I went there once conversing frustrated uh oh wow super
I think the anonymity of the internet encourages nastiness. I can't see anyone making some of those comments in person unless they brought their gang with them. boxing boxing boxing boxing

You fight me, you fight my gang.
heart1 heart beating purple heart heart wings angel
I'm back/too busy/forum driving me crazy
Just read the Irish forums. uh oh laugh

I'm fine and had a good weekend. I won't get on here for a week starting Wednesday. Keep my seat warm! thumbs up
And I have a secret/tell later
If someone insults another, it's just a part of their process and personal development. dunno
im not sure hole

rolling on the floor laughing
Have never been in the forums....what is the difference, between that and the blogsconfused
Hi Zeu. It´s a way to release anger most of the time. I would also put it down to "insecurity" issues.

It also happens here on blogs and in PM. I´ve had a few "insulting" mails from bloggers here, which I don´t even respond to.

I much prefer to spend time with my 4-legged creatures, they show more respect.laugh teddybear
wine wine wine Hi lovelies thank you for the comments!!1 yes post what you said the ID i guess...

nice aha,,, that is why you gotta no face grin grin grin

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