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The love of my life!

Well Some time ago I came across this connecting singles site accidentally! I put up a profile.
I got many letters also scammers did not forget to say hi to me .grin
There was a person who wrote me decently even though no profile pic I wrote to him. He wrote to me. I had no that much of a trust in people who has no profile pic.But I think it was the writing style that kept me replying to his letters.

In April 2014 I went to UN head office regarding some work I had proceed. I spend two weeks there. On the 24th of April 2014. I got a visitor at the reception. cool I had no clue but if I am heading to USA my college friends university friends always pass by at least for a coffee or tea. So that was not unusual.

But some man from middle age was waiting patiently at the reception.He smiled and said "well here is your surprise. I was not sure if you going to believe me here is your profile I printed out from CS". So no profile photo become a visible man in front of me. We had a lunch together. And it was fantastic honest to say.
Time has passed we spend time together get to know each other well.

I am allowed to upload a photo of both of us. But he prefer not to mention his profile name or real name. So I cannot say much I respect his wishes. Even I drop profile name no use he is takengrin.

He is from USA but he has some relatives where I live 50 min drive time from me. They are quiet good people. I have been there once. He has a daughter from age 21 and son from 11.Son is living by his mother and daughter is at university. Till we figure out who move to where we will be in two ends but time to time we both will travel up and down.

I am specially dropping this blog for people who lost their hope regarding finding loved ones. For them what I have to say be honest and open. If some one has no photo does not mean scammer all the time. Observe the writing style. That helps to understand if there is a true man behind. Need some faith too to be honest. So here he is.

I want to say thanks to connectingsingles moderators including every one who behind the site! Thanks to you all I met the love of my life! I will be hanging on the blog site. Just to read and for fun!wine

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Comments (47)

WOW. Congratulations Zeurich and Mr.X. I am so happy for your guys and I wish you all the best in the world. Good luck in what ever happen. Happy you stay with us in the blogs Zeurich.yay teddybear hug
Wow.....that is great...that is amazing...that is awesome......soooooo happy for us all faith....kiss
Hey Zeu, congrats and wish you all the best my dear.!!!!
Congratulation Zeurich... I am so happy for you and him...
I believe and I dont lost my hope to find someone genuine and real in here...

hope I will be the next...

banana banana banana
Congratulations Z, so very happy for you yay yay yay yay yay

Super wonderful news!!!! applause applause applause

I know what you are saying about no pics.. I used to think that I would not be interested in getting to know somebody without a pic but then we all got to know Butter and 1to1.. and they are both great people we never know whose at the end of the screen. grin

Have a GREAT life together!!!!heart wings heart wingsbouquet

teddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear
@ Zeurich - This shows all the non-believers of LDR that anything IS possible.... Congratulations to the both of you, Girl..... yay yay yay

... grin hug wine
Sorry The first comment looks so blunt.

I have forgotten to use the emoticons on this site!!!!doh sigh
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bouquet teddybear teddybear hug
@Welela thank you so much! No I like the site to be honest. What they offer cost nothing is more than enough. teddybear teddybear
@calypso thank you love! hug hug hug Big hug from me!teddybear teddybear
@usha- Thank you dear lovely pic love it! grin hug

@smart- don't give up time will in grin hug
Wallops - Thank you my dear! So sweet of you. hug hug teddybear teddybear

@hans- yes if some one want anything is possible that is my motto Hans. There were many friends who tried to drawn me down with saying LDR is not going to work you both will get hurt bla bla...
but if both of us want to work it out it is always possible. Step at a time will see.
What i find went purely on his written photo...because we judge everything by a photo...and you trusted your instinct..really happy for both of you.....kiss
zeurich your love looks like a very kind and sweet person
I am very happy for the two of you.
Grow in love together and be very happy!!!

cheering dancing applause banana wave
@calypso thank you again. Yes till I get the idea that a person is a scammer I wrote them too. grin grin I learned lot of literature from them,yay yay
@BC yes he is very settle minded person, no harsh on things no rush no push, no nonsense or moron talks that is what I appreciate most in him. teddybear teddybear
Hi Z!

Just want to send you more love from somewhere over here!

I, too believe that if love is genuine and real, everything is possible.hug
Good contiuation to you and your boyfriendheart wings smitten
A wonderful story...touching told. Couldn't have have happened for a sweeter person. applause

thanks for sharing your very uplifting experience, Zeu!

He's a very, VERY lucky guy!

I'm so happy for you, I'm left speechless!
And folks on the blogs can tell you...That takes SOME doing.


party party party
danceline danceline
balloons balloons balloons balloons
elephant elephant elephant elephant elephant elephant
Congratulations Zeurich and wishing you both every happiness. bouquet
@Ifruitloop wave Hi thank you. I don't think we ever met before. Hope you are doing good. hug hug
@ Nozeal - thank you dear so would you sing some song for us?yay yay
@Michlee hug hug hug Thank you! cheering cheering ha ha thank you for the compliments.
teddybear teddybear @KN thank you sweet hope all is well with you.

bunny Got dog!

yay I am so proud of you two!

Congrats! To you all. . . .hug

beverage delivery & waiter

crazy. . . . Woo Hoo!

yay hug
cool cool Angel thank you sweet,,, but what is "Got Dog?" Is that Hot Dog you mean?confused yay yay Sorry if I talk nonsense today.
Thank you Gnetle you look much handsome look at you... woha... exactly james bondteddybear teddybear
Zen. Nope!
It's just Got dog!. . . . thumbs up
Zeurich, congratulations. peace teddybear
cheers cheers cheers KEN thank you!!!!
Z, I'm doing great, thanks!

Will email you later...grin
I met someone two..been 9 months..Still waiting for Her to get rid of her past..Times running out.
cheering congratulations!!! Awesome! wine Best of wishes for you two! How exciting!teddybear bouquet teddybear bouquet teddybear bouquet dancing boogie drink pouring dancing dog angel2 angel2 angel2 angel2 choir
Wow...congrats to you and your can happen!!wine
Congrats yay So happy for You yay perfect pic too grin

teddybear bouquet teddybear
ah.....Zeurich, ur posting is a blessing. Thanks for sharing with us. It meant a lot for many of us here in this site.

cos....for me...i am not interested with profiles with no picture. While scammers put on handsome pictures that is not his/hers....crying

Congratzzz to both of you.cheers Be happy and blessed.
Zeu...much love and happiness to you both.
@Ifruitloop grin grin grin Good I missed you.
@Iaqn158 Congrats Ian, be patient if she had a nightmare past it takes a bit of time to get over with. It is normal, That was the main reason I did not get in to relationships till I feel I am ready ready after my divorce. Hope everything work well for you too.
teddybear teddybear teddybear Thank you theresa no see more often... hope everything okay with you as well. grin grin

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