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Christmas balls!

Well hi ya all.... it is week end.

Just got the news. For the Christmas I will have 45 guests. My parents as well my brothers are landing to EU. Also my buddy and his kids as well tomboy boy friends too...

and my buddy wants to go Christmas shopping with me. Now I am thinking .dancing dancing dancing .....

All these years Christmas tree and the balls were bought under my choice. seems this year I have to take in to an account some one else balls too. wine wine

my best plan is finish the house before the Christmas cool

so my week end will be damn cleaning!

grin grin grin

Have a good week end every one!

By the way did any one know what happened to redex and catfoot? are they doing all right?
teddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear

Cheers for the day it is Friday.

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Zeurich, Redex is all fine, she is not here any more because someone hacked her profile and used it in a bad way, by laying out a blog she had not written. Maybe some day she will be back. I do not know nothing about Catfoot, but I am sure he too will be back soon. Seams like your Christmas will be busy and crowded. I hope you get your house read for the invasion.Have a wonderful weekend with the washing of your new house.yay teddybear hug
I am just not a fan of Christmas...would much rather escape to somewhere warm, and not be part of the madness...sigh
@ Calypso - I'm with you on that one, christmas is just a sactified excuse to cut down millions of more trees and spend big.... blues moping conversing .... While millions around the world starve.... moping conversing

.... grin hug wine
So many people just go mad at christmas...i don't get children get what they need the whole year why should i buy for the sake of they can open up a packet..its mad...frustrated
I love Christmas, grin grin specially cake.yay yay
@welela,,, auch that is not fun. yeah I know some one tried mine too.
Dont forget the fireworks....

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No crowds here for the holidays, in some ways that is a blessing in disguise. No mad dashing, decorating etc. ... family left years ago. I do what I want, when I want... have always shopped when ever, no according to the season. I've never had 45 guests wow

Am I missing something here?confused This is Oct 3. I thought Christmas was Dec 25. That is 83 days from now. Is it different where you live or where anyone else lives?
Have a great time Zeurich. Should be fun all those people

Calypso and Hans I am with you,

Hmm... No Christamas for me Zeu!!!! blues blues

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