Strange thing... emotions!

Well, I didn't realize I even had a blog on this website. Pretty cool. I have been in contact with a very special guy I met on here. He makes me laugh, and he is very intelligent, a seasoned writer. Like me, he has published articles, and has a strong opinion where politics is concerned. The big problem is that I am a conservative Republican and he is a liberal Democrat. He looks toward having a female president in the white house in 2008, where I can't quite see things his way. I think this is coming between us.
We were planning on meeting for the first time this coming Wednesday (in person) by meeting half-way between our homes, which are between 250 and 300 miles apart. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that I had other responsibilities and had to cancel. He says he understands,and maybe he does, but I have a feeling that it won't be long until he quits calling me.
Oh well, such is life. I do miss him already.crying

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Hi Judy.wave Good to see ya in here. Missed you in the "O" forums.

You know there are quite a lot of couples that do not share political beliefs. Is that really such a punishable offense? I mean, what the heck?

If were lucky enough to find someone that I was interested in or vice versa, you can be sure that I will not let trivial stuff such as politics,( to me it is a killer of dreams, American dreams) get in the way. I hate politics anyway, but would stay away from those discussions with a loved one.

This is all I will say on that subject. I hope like heck that you guys give it a chance and live and let live. Good luck Judy. You deserve it.

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hey if it can work for arnold and maria, why wouldnt it work between you guys, theres ways around everything in life its just a matter of finding the right paths to take. I wish you the best either way it turns out though.comfort

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