Attend to one thing and lost another

A boring Saterday morning today, but the weather was fine, sunny and warm. My turtle came out again for her food. She hidden somewhere for couple of days ago. I know that she is ready for her long winter sleeping.professor

She is an intersting creature, has lived with me for 5 years since very small. She takes off her old shells twice a year. Sometimes I help her doing that complete. She likes clean her eyes with her front feet when in water,or lies motionless under the sunshine for a long time in Summer, a very sensitive with the temperature. she likes under the Sunshine, So today I put her on the arm of chair's after eating and am waiting there to see what will happen...wink

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While I photoed her diving show, the crabs was cooking on the stove which I nearly forgotten. When I rushed to there it almost burnt. Well,just a little, but the juice had been dried away. crying

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Wish tomorrow is a little difference from today.
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Hi Phoenixhandshake
I have thought that you fried your turtledoh
Thank God it's notpeace
Have a nice weekend to you as well
nice and interesting pet you have therethumbs up
wish I could see your pictures but my computer blocks them saying they are from a malicious website, very strange... I too would have a turtle if possible. Around here most are water turtles. A few people have gopher turtles that burrow underground. Most don't appreciate they beauty. Enjoy
if you put your turtle in a heated aquarium ..they will not go into Hibernation..........detective
Phoenix, nice pics of the turtle but I am more interested in eating the crabs you cooked.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Be careful because turtles carry diseases I hear!

laugh She is my pet of 5 years, So I'd like she fried me instead.laugh

When I was a child, we sometimes fed chicks,I liked the yellow one who was smart. But in the city didn't allow do that,my mom killed it at last,and I cried and refused to eat it.( this is the only one I refused to eat in my life) It's pity too young to end the life. crying

Have a nice Sunday!hug
Thank you. I had many small pets before, like gloden fishes, pigeons, parrots, quails, rabbit. Ducking and chicks including.But no one can keep longer for some reason. Turtle have a longevity, that is I like.
handshake wave
Hi, Kandy;

I am sorry that you can't see the pics, These things also happened on my PC,
The pet also called “red-eared slider".

Hope you have a nice day! hug wave

Yes, But then I need to migrate with her to a spot at southen and I am afraid she cant' live longevity any more .grin wave
Hi, Gentlejim:

But do you know eating crabs need strong teeth though we have tools for that.
If you like to eat,make sure your teeth is strong enough,laugh The best season to eat them is in late Autumn, both sea crabs and lake crabs are all wave
Hi, Ed1941;

How are you? Thanks for your reminding.

I have two basins for my turtle.One for eat, after eating ,she will climb to the other clean water basin by herself for a rest or out of there under the Sun.The only thing I did for her is prepare clean water for her every day during Summer, and using the dirty water watering my plants. Now I want her big enough to lay eggs for me some day. laugh wave
That is interesting. When I was a kid we had pet River turtles. I was always paranoid about letting them jump anywhere because their shells could crack and that would be bad. Years later my parents sold them and they had grown to about that size from not much more than an inch when we started.
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