Sunday night blues

Is there ever any point to doing anything? In the long run? Does trying to do things change anything?

Happy comes - and goes. Sad comes - and goes. Angry comes - and goes. Why feel anything at all? Just for the sake of feeling? Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

Talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talktalktalktalktalk

Are there are things that really matter, is there more to life than just putting one foot in front of the other on the treadmill and never getting anywhere.


No, I'm not drinking. Would that help?

This too will pass. But it is times like this that I do wonder if there really is a point to anything.
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Think someone is in need of a BIG BIG hug... hug hug hug

Now, lets see, what would our friend Viv, say about this subject? conversing
Hummmmmm she... seems to be lost at the moment so can`t ask her, she usually has an answer too professor

Tell you what, when I find Viv, I will ask her for you.. OK.. grin

But meanwhile ... hang in there.. hugs are on their way group hug teddybear teddybear teddybear
*sniff* thanks Wallops. I miss being able to blame occasional downswings on PMS.
When you do find her, give her a swift kick and tell her to stop being such a wuss.
Trying to do things only gives you something to focus on for a few minutes, hours, some projects longer amount of time. If you can't blame pms, then blame menopause .... laugh I can say that, been there, done that professor We have our blues moping and our boredom sigh Perhaps some fresh air tomorrow morning dancing would help some. I like to get my hands in the dirt of the flowerbed when I get like this, pick some posies and take to a friend for good cheer bouquet
Awww! Come here.....hug

It's going to be alright!

I guess! I hope it does. Will it?....uncertain
Hey, I found Viv, for you. Now you may NOT like what she said .. conversing BUT I am only the deliverer of news so DON`T shoot the messenger doh Here goes.. she did tell you that you need a quick kick up the but I couldn`t find an emoticon that did that.. moping SO.. came up with a left hook on the arm boxing BUT I have to say.. they were LOVE punches.. so didn`t hurt too much comfort

Feeling any better now dunno

bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet to say sorry for the jabs in the arm.
Here you go!

Thanks guys.

If it wasn't midnight here, Kandy, I'd nip out into the garden right now because you're right, that does always and instantly help.

Wallops, ouch, I thought you didn't do wallops! help but that helped too. Especially when Angel joined in. C'mon then, gimme your best shot, I won't hit back, I'll just float like a bee and sting like a butterfly - no, hang on - that sounds wrong -

Taking my foul, but slightly less foul, mood off to bed.

group hug

Yay. It's Monday. teddybear
Watch a good does the trick...sometimes distraction is a good method to quell those deep inner thoughts!! out for that punch from wallops!!wine
......rolling on the floor laughing
Do something crazy Ms Lee, something that might be so unlike you.. jump out of your own skin for awhile and why not? because you seem so bored with the one your in...conversing

Might i suggest...
with caution, drive through a red traffic light get chased by the cops..a high speed chase by them does wonders to boost forgotten excitement...

Not that i'd know anything about thatroll eyes
but it is or so i am told conversing
either that or go on a date with your 40 year old virgin wink
For me, if the positive outweighs the negative, I'm ok. If not, it's something temporary which a good cry, book, food etc. can help.

If it's shite all the way, try to change something. Life is too short to be miserable. hug

Do something to replace the facecream. grin
We all get miserable from time to time, usually when someone says or does something that makes us think.... whats the point.... a**hole!

Heres a Monday hug hug to cheer you up.
Apparently there is no point but get some fun from your life and fill your days with contentment and happiness.

I know I've said it before but get a pet and go dancing!

dancing dog cartwheel reunion dance dancing boogie choir

Or singing!

Lou - the deep deep thoughts are wearing off at last. I think I sprained my brain roll eyes sounds, though, like you've visited there too.
Sounds like too much thinking Viv.

You need another form of escapism! motorcycle
Itchy, I once got picked up by the police for reckless and dangerous driving, leaving the scene of an accident, crimen injuria, assaulting a police officer, and I always forget what the 5th charge was - long time ago. Oh yes, resisting arrest.

Considering what I ACTUALLY did was go onto the hard shoulder to leave the motorway (which was a parking lot, after an accident a mile up ahead) and when a cop car stopped me, and took my keys out my ignition, I swore at him in sheer shock, then wagged my finger under his chin, saying he couldn't DO that. No word of a lie. Wagging your finger at a police officer is assault. Actually hitting him is GBH and I would be writing this from my cell.

So I'll pass. I don't think UK cops are as basically insane as SA ones but not sure I could handle that much excitement at this sedate stage of my life ...
No one EVER believes that story. S'trues bob.
KN - I wasn't sad, as such. Just overwhelmed by the futility of my life.
Still am, a little, but it is wearing off. cool
Sola, I think you are the only bloke to have ventured into the henhouse. Thanks.
Rain, got a pet. She's a bulldog, and a rotten dancer. The cat's no great shakes either.

May I come visit you soon? You must know some amazing dance venues! peace

I'm in Cumbria next week so I'm getting closer.

rolling on the floor laughing

You should start one.

Contact the Ceroc people and make it happen!

Visit me any time. Bring the pets and we'll all go dancing on the beach

violin dancing dog dancing happy place
Oh i believe you alright Ms Lee
some of those coppers thinks we should get down and bow to them bowing

I'll keep that in mind, one should not wag their finger at them, and one should not also slap the head of one either knocking off their beautiful well designed hats wink sir bobby

Hope your feeling somewhat abit better today comfort

Rain, my sister lives in North Devon so I may hold you to that. Except that I can't dance, I was one of the tallest girls at school so always had to be a boy in dance class. Men get surprisingly tetchy when you try to lead.

Enjoy Cumbria cheers
Good advice Ms Witch. Do not knock off hats. (Such spoilsports)

Yes, thank you. I slide between mostly cheerful, sometimes scratchy, and occasionally despairing. This blog was ill-advised but I'm glad in a way I shared, for once, because you are all very nice. group hug
We probably all have these days, I know I do. A good cry and some spoiling yourself can help. Shit happens, but also good things do. hug Hope you feel better. bouquet
Police especially highway police. Don't get me started!

They're only there to drive fast cars 'licensed to kill'.

Viv I was thrown out of ballet because I'd grown too tall.

I stopped at 5'6" but missed my chance, if ever I had one???

You have to virtually pass me on your way to your sister's. Just let me know.
KN, give me a shout the next time you hit the blues. We'll share some virtual chocolate and put the world to rights. handshake
Ha, Rain, I also did ballet! And also grew too tall. Also the muscles for riding and for ballet don't work together and I preferred horses laugh

Mum used to tell me off for walking about on my toes. She'd say ballet dancers have special blocks for doing that. I could never understand why she didn't buy me these special blocks.

I've never ridden a horse but had lots as friends where I've lived.

Will do Vivian, I also need real chocolate though. laugh

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